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Dealing With the Redundancies in BlackBerry 6


blackberry universal search

The BlackBerry community seems very focused on the QNX OS these days but we won’t be seeing QNX smartphones until 2012 at least. With the PlayBook announcements, the conversation is shifting away from imperfections in the current platform, and towards the future smartphone and OS we won’t see for some time to come. The conversation needs to be pulled back to BlackBerry 6, and what RIM can do with OS updates to make the experience better for current BlackBerry users. Something that has become glaringly obvious with BlackBerry 6, is the amount of redundancy that is built into the OS. And I don’t mean redundancy in the fail-safe way. I mean it in the “I see this icon/feature implemented in several places and it’s starting to annoy me” way.
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PlayBook Theme GoPlay by HedoneDesign for OS 5 and 6 Devices


playbook theme

When BlackBerry 6 was ramping up, we saw a few themes that gave users the ability to get a BlackBerry 6-like experience before launch. Now that the PlayBook has been getting a lot of media coverage and screenshots, we have a few themes out there that seek to mimic the UI and experience. We know that the PlayBook and QNX OS are coming to smartphones, and while it probably won’t look exactly like the PlayBook, we’ll definitely see a lot of the same features. It will be cool to see theme developers take a shot at guessing what a QNX OS BlackBerry UI would look like.

Check out HedoneDesign’s PlayBook theme GoPlay in the store.

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BlackBerry OS Surpasses iOS in Terms of Web Browsing in the US



StatCounter is a web analytics company that has published some interesting data about web browsing on the various smartphone platforms. According to their stats, which are sampled based on 15 billion pageviews per month in the US, BlackBerry OS trumped Apple’s iOS in web browsing for the first time at 34.3% versus 33% respectively.

One of the reasons BlackBerry’s web browsing has shot up recently is probably directly attributed to the success of the BlackBerry Torch and newly upgraded devices to BlackBerry 6. As we leave OS 5 behind, we can expect more BlackBerry devices to be hitting web sites. Go baby go!

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Some BlackBerry News You May Have Missed Last Week



Were you away last week on vacation? Were you busy at work and didn’t have time to check the latest BlackBerry news? Well you’ve probably missed out on something cool. We have a ton of news surrounding the PlayBook, new apps and rumors about what to expect in the coming months/year from RIM. Hit the jump and catch up!
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Xobni Updated with BlackBerry 6 Support and More Touchscreen Features



Xobni has updated their very useful BlackBerry app to support BlackBerry 6 as well as they’ve added a few other features. Here is a breakdown of Xobni’s support for BlackBerry 6 and the new features:

  • On OS 6.x devices touching the Xobni bar or flick up works on compose, reply and forward actions
  • Updated High-Definition icons
  • Touch scrolling enhanced for optimized scrolling experience
  • Editing is aware of virtual keyboard display and formats content shown on remaining screen
  • Xobni bar not showing up in some cases now handled
  • Add picture for contacts via camera

The new version is supposed to be available in App World but it isn’t showing up on the Torch just yet. It’s probably best to get the latest version directly from Xobni at xobni.com/mobile.

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Predicting BlackBerry 6 Adoption Rates with OS 5.0 Data


blackberry 9530
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A full year has passed since OS 5.0 was released as an upgrade for the Storm 9530. By using the download data from the popular game Pixelated I have been able to track the progress of the adoption of version 5.0 of the BlackBerry Operating System. Not only does this show the trends of the past year, but it also gives a guide to what we can expect to see in the adoption of OS 6 from in market devices such as the Bold 9700.?

While the majority of users upgraded right away (over two-thirds of all users upgraded in the first two months), the adoption rate after that was more slow and steady than anything else. After ten months the adoption rate has finally stabilized. The past three months has seen it remain just short of 90% ranging from 89.7%-89.9%, at this point there is no reason to expect much more change in this number.

Eric at Ebscer

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