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5 Must-Add Custom Search Engines for BlackBerry 7


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Top 10 New BlackBerry 7 Features Ranging From Awesome To Helpful


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First Impressions of the Bold 9900, Torch 9810 and Torch 9850/9860


BlackBerry 7 fan night
More pictures from the event available from PhotoJunkie.ca.

First of all, can you believe these model numbers? RIM couldn’t have made them more confusing. I have been writing about BlackBerry for years and I simply cannot remember what device they’re talking about when they say 9850, 9860 or 9810. The 98xx doesn’t even represent the same device anymore. You used to be able to write 97XX and you knew the 9700 and 9780 both looked the same, but not anymore. From now on, we’re going to refer to the devices by name only. The following seem most appropriate:

Bold 9900 = Bold Touch
Torch 9810 = Torch 2
Torch 9850/9860 = Storm 3

Recently, we attended the BlackBerry 7 Fan Night in Toronto and we had an opportunity to get some quality time with RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 7 devices. There are a lot of things to say about these devices with some Pros and Cons for each of them. Generally, these devices are everything we saw last year but turned up around 40%. The user experience is faster, with homescreen switching and app launching all happening much faster (Liquid Graphics), and the web browsing experience is also much faster. The Torch 9850 and 9860, aka the Storm 3, seems to be RIM bringing back the all-touch experience (with trackpad), and it’s probably the most risky of the BlackBerry 7 devices.
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The Verizon BlackBerry Bold Touch Demo Could Be Better


The app download is shown at 0:54

The Verizon Bold Touch has been showing up around the Internet but what’s annoying about the demo is that even while the Verizon rep is touting the Bold Touch’s “super fast speeds” and “lightning quick processor”, the video still shows an hourglass while downloading a simple flashlight app. The app downloading process on the PlayBook is awesome and we’re really looking forward to QNX on a smartphone, and it just seems a little lame that we’re still dealing with these setbacks. The app shown in the demo is The Jared Company’s One Touch Flashlight which is only 22Kb in size. Now, we’re not going to rag on the device like it’s going to be bad or anything as the device isn’t even out yet. But Verizon seems to have dropped the ball on this demo as OS 7 doesn’t look to be that further ahead of BlackBerry 6. Even the pinch to zoom and vertical scrolling didn’t seem that smooth.

Do you think Verizon did a good job selling you on OS 7?

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RIM Announces BlackBerry Java SDK Beta for BlackBerry 7


Hot on the heels of the BlackBerry 9900 series announcement, comes the Java SDK beta for BlackBerry 7 OS. The SDK takes advantage of the advanced hardware found under the hood of the new Bold Touch such as the magnetometer, NFC, video capture, and Open GL .

Scheduled for release at the end of May, the SDK also has some new APIs on the software side of things like Unified Search, maps, menu items, multimedia, barcodes and options.

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 are slated for release summer 2011, this SDK update will allow developers to optimize their apps for the powerful new device.

Read more about the Java SDK Beta at Inside BlackBerry

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Steve Balmer and Mike Lazaridis Announce RIM-Microsoft Partnership


Today during Mike Lazaridis’ keynote speech at BlackBerry World, Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer made a surprise appearance and announced a partnership between Microsoft and RIM. The partnership involves the integration of Microsoft’s Bing search engine into the Universal Search feature of the BlackBerry OS.

Slated for a holiday 2011 launch, the new search integration will be designed not just to search for text and relevancy, but to also utilize location and social graph to deliver highly contextual answers about your area before even needing to ask.

The developer leading the project Blaise Ag├╝era y Arcas spoke of bringing search results “right to the glass”. He spoke of the search “completing a task” bringing useful information right to the user in a mobile context instead of prompting the user to sift through results.

This fine-tuning of the search will require less clicks to find what you are looking for; less clicks means time saved.

For more info about the announcement, check out Microsoft’s press release.
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