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(Joke) RIM develops BlackBerry 7100 racing car



RIM has decided that the 7100, being a giant cumbersome and outdated device, is best served as a race car. In the spirit of the original 7100, the car is big, heavy and slow. Girls don’t like it and scrap yards won’t pay you for it.

Also, rumor has it that RIM is also making a boat out of the BlackBerry Storm. It doesn’t float.


Sprint mad scientists deprive employees of wireless


ScientistSprint’s kicked off an interesting project called SpeedBlogs, currently following the progress of 7 Sprint employees who have had their handhelds brutally stripped away from them. These are heavy-duty users, so there’s some serious withdrawal symptoms going on here. They’re on Day 3 of the blogs, and should provide as a great case study for future crackberry addicts, especially Dana who’s giving up her BlackBerry 7100. The project is following the whole masochistic, Big Brother, “let’s watch people suffer” thing, but wireless addiction is becoming more of a discernible reality with studies like this. For science!

New hardware lets you swipe credit cards on your BlackBerry


AirchargePipeline Data has announced that its Aircharge system is now compatible with a range of BlackBerry devices. The AirPro service lets you make over the air credit card transactions using a BlackBerry 8300, 8800, 8700, 8100, 7780, 7290, 7280, 7130 or a 7100. Right now, it’s only available on Dobson Cellular, but since AT&T’s going to be picking it up, anyone else under the AT&T umbrella shouldn’t have any issues signing up once the deal goes through. I guess until near-field wireless transactions get ironed out, we’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way. That is, if you can call taking someone’s piece of plastic, translating its magnetic strip into a signal which is emitted into the sky, received by giant towers, and transmitted to a multinational corporation which temporarily supplies funds for goods and services old-fashioned.

Track your golf game by GPS


Golf ClubsFor any hardcore, BlackBerry-totin’ golfers out there, you might want to look into IntelliGolf’s recently-released Eagle Edition for BlackBerry. BlackBerrys and golf both rate pretty high on the fancy-pants-o-meter, so it’s high time they start working together. IntelliGolf can help you keep score, measure distances, track stats and wagers, and a whole bunch of other functions that are handy on the fairway. The software supports the BlackBerry 7100-series, 7700-series, 8100-series, 8300-series, 8700-series, and 8800-series. Features include:

* Scoring
* Shot tracking
* Satellite GPS
* Sidegame wagers (35+)
* Statistics and graphs (250+)
* Signature courses (23,000+), and
* Sharing of information between handhelds.

It’s $59.95 for the software, which is probably peanuts compared to your golf club membership dues.