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Knock-offs pose threat to BlackBerrys in China


ChinaA recent story went over some of the challenges RIM faces in the Chinese market, primarily China Unicom’s nefarious RedBerry. The article states that SIM cards and data plans are the only things available for BlackBerry, as previously reported. Despite this, we have it on good word that the 8700 and 7290 are, in fact, sold by China Mobile, but how well they’re doing against the significantly cheaper RedBerry remains to be seen.

“Chinese businessmen are not that international yet, so they are not as familiar yet with the Blackberry and prefer local gadgets,” said Rock Yang, principal handsets analyst at Beijing-based BDA. “Price will be the deciding factor in determining how the BlackBerry expands in China,” he added.

New hardware lets you swipe credit cards on your BlackBerry


AirchargePipeline Data has announced that its Aircharge system is now compatible with a range of BlackBerry devices. The AirPro service lets you make over the air credit card transactions using a BlackBerry 8300, 8800, 8700, 8100, 7780, 7290, 7280, 7130 or a 7100. Right now, it’s only available on Dobson Cellular, but since AT&T’s going to be picking it up, anyone else under the AT&T umbrella shouldn’t have any issues signing up once the deal goes through. I guess until near-field wireless transactions get ironed out, we’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way. That is, if you can call taking someone’s piece of plastic, translating its magnetic strip into a signal which is emitted into the sky, received by giant towers, and transmitted to a multinational corporation which temporarily supplies funds for goods and services old-fashioned.