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Serbia gets the Curve and the Pearl


VIPVIP Mobile has lauched their BlackBerry service with the Vodafone’s BlackBerry 8130 and BlackBerry 8100 today, in what sounds like a vaguely MVNO-ish deal; either Vodafone’s just offering the devices and VIP has to deal with the service, or VIP is outsourcing the whole thing to Vodafone. Regardless, you can find more information on VIP’s GPS Curve and Pearl rates over here.

Shout Postcard expands to Pearl


PostcardMe Inc.’s postcard-sending service, Shout Postcard, launched its beta last month on the Curve, and is now available for Pearl. With Christmas right around the corner, this is great timing, since it allows you to send quick, personal, spur-of-the-moment postcards using sound recording and pictures taken with your BlackBerry. This way you could send thank you cards to distant relatives who might have shipped a present in, or last minute best wishes to folks you had forgotten in the all the holiday hubbub.

Oman Mobile launches BlackBerry service


Oman MobileOver the weekend Oman Mobile announced its first BlackBerrys, offering the 8100, 8700 and 8800 at launch. Emitac, RIM’s usual partner in the area, helped set up Oman Mobile with the release after bringing the 8800 to Kuwait and Uganda earlier this year. It’s interesting that the 8700 wasn’t shouldered out by the 8800; you’d think that the Curve would better round out the lineup, but having two tiers of business flavours does offer something for mass enterprise rollout as well as higher-end executive deployment.

TryPhone offers virtual BlackBerry Pearl


TryPhoneTryPhone has recently launched, letting you test out the BlackBerry 8100 from your computer. It’s still in beta, so there’s plenty of features still to be added, but in the long run, something like this would not only be a great way to try out new BlackBerrys as soon as they come out, but also to try out software before you buy it. The Samsung Juke, LG Muzique and Apple iPhone are also available, with more likely on the way. The novelty wears off pretty quick, but there’s definitely potential as the handset library expands. One of the cooler features is the ability to embed the phones right in your web page…

Check out the virtual Pearl behind the jump!

The BlackBerry Cool Wishlist


TreeChristmastime is rapidly approaching, and maybe that special BlackBerry-user in your life hasn’t been bought for just yet. Well, there’s still time and BBCool’s here to help you find something you know they’ll use and love. We’ve compiled a little wish-list of stuff we would personally like to see under the tree – presents we’re so sure of that we’re knocking 10% off all in-store items marked with asterix – just enter the coupon code BBHOLIDAY for your discount. I know, we’re giving y’all presents early again, but we just can’t help it.

Check the BBCool Wishlist behind the jump!

OS 4.3 packing stereo Bluetooth support?


BluetoothKevin has had a chance to play around with OS 4.3 on the BlackBerry 8100 and found that it supports A2DP, a feature previously found only on the Curve and later Pearl models. As a guy who’s stuck listening to podcasts on the dinky mono earbud with his Pearl, I’m pretty excited about the news. With any luck the stereo Bluetooth support will also hit the 8800 whenever OS 4.3.1 becomes publicly available.