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AT&T rebate form shows 8110


BerryReview found a post by Gary at ViralElectronics which says that AT&T has released new rebates which show the as-yet-unreleased Pearl 8110 with a $50 rebate. This definitely adds some substance to the rumor that AT&T would be dropping the 8100 in favor of the 8110, but still, there’s no official word from AT&T and, sadly, no image of the documents in question.

AT&T dropping Pearl 8100 from stores?


An AT&T-branded PearlA new post on Engadget suggests that AT&T might be dropping the Pearl 8100 from their stores. It’s rumored that the 8100 will be replaced with the GPS-enabled 8110 sometime in April, which wouldn’t be the first time an old BlackBerry got bumped out by a new one. They’ll also, apparently, be dropping the aging Motorola RAZR V3 from stores, but that hardly comes as a surprise to anyone.

BlackBerry 8110 comes to South Africa


BlackBerry 8110South African carrier Vodacom looks to be the first on the continent to be supporting the new GPS Pearl, with Vodafone supplying the navigation software. Africa remains a big part of RIM’s game, especially considering the recent launches in Madagascar, Ghana and Uganda. For anyone in the neighbourhood, you can get more info here.

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 15


BBCoolThe BBCool podcast has two guest speakers this week. Rob Woodbridge from Rove Mobile runs us through their freshly-launched PCMobilizr, then Ahmed Datoo gives us Zenprise’s perspective of the recent outage on AT&T. Aside from that, we’ve got a few 8110 launches, a few BlackBerry Professional Software launches, a new toy for streaming your tunes, and a bunch of other stuff. Check it out!

XML remains a cruel mistress. Anyone who can crack our podcast feed and figure out why iTunes isn’t updating it will get a kickass prize and a big fat kiss from yours truly.

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Rogers BlackBerry 8110 gets official


Rogers 8110Not every day you see Canada get a BlackBerry before the US, eh? Well, the rumors have panned out, and we’ve got an announcement of the GPS Pearl from Rogers, going for $249.99 on a three-year contract and coming in a dashing blue. Spain is getting its kicks with the 8110, and Rogers looks like the first one to pick it up over here. With both GSM and CDMA carriers having next gen Pearls, you can count on some sweet deals on the leftover BlackBerry 8100s. Keep an eye on the Rogers store for availability.

Scanbuy announces BlackBerry compatability


ScanbuyScanbuy has announced that their 2D barcode scanning app for cameraphones is now available for BlackBerry. Using their software, you can now take pictures of particular barcodes similar to those being worked into airports with your Pearl or Curve to access related content like music, pictures and information. They’ve already got a bunch of partners doing some pretty interesting things with the technology, such as the Paris Metro which delivers point of interest and transit information using the barcodes, and Codilink who’s using it to deliver and redeem coupons. There are a lot of great opportunities for this kind of stuff, that’s for sure.