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Canada’s Virgin Mobile bringing the BlackBerry 8130?


Virgin Mobile logo

Rumor has it the BlackBerry 8130 will be gracing Canadian MVNO Virgin Mobile next month for free on a three-year contract, $CAN 299.95 on two years, $CAN 399.95 with three, and $CAN 449.95 with no strings attached. With August coming soon, and the Kickstart in the pipes, it’s expected that the BlackBerry Pearl will start working its way to the discount carriers. This is also Virgin Mobile Canada’s first BlackBerry, so congrats on getting that ‘berry popped.

(howardchui via BlackBerrySync)

Telus aids breast cancer research with pink BlackBerry 8130


The pink BlackBerry 8130A poster on the Pinstack forums noted that Canadian operator Telus has launched a pink BlackBerry Pearl 8130, and they have announced that they will donate $25 to Rethink Breast Cancer with every purchase. Rethink Breast Cancer is a charity aimed at educating young people about breast cancer as well as donating to research and support programs. Pretty much everyone has released a red 8130, but this is the first new pink theme since Verizon released theirs a couple weeks ago. It also comes with a swanky pink chameleon theme.

One more red BlackBerry hits the streets


Red 8830It just doesn’t end, does it? Verizon’s BlackBerry 8830 has been given the red paint job that has become so popular this time of year, and will be available through Verizon’s online store and other retail channels tomorrow for $299.99 on a two-year contract, with a $100 rebate for qualifying voice and data plans. The World Edition is a nice change, since the 8800-series doesn’t get nearly as much colour as the Pearl does. Remember, if you’re ever looking for a quick and painless colour change, DecalGirl has some Solid State skins that can easily do the trick.

Scanbuy announces BlackBerry compatability


ScanbuyScanbuy has announced that their 2D barcode scanning app for cameraphones is now available for BlackBerry. Using their software, you can now take pictures of particular barcodes similar to those being worked into airports with your Pearl or Curve to access related content like music, pictures and information. They’ve already got a bunch of partners doing some pretty interesting things with the technology, such as the Paris Metro which delivers point of interest and transit information using the barcodes, and Codilink who’s using it to deliver and redeem coupons. There are a lot of great opportunities for this kind of stuff, that’s for sure.

Bell releases red BlackBerry 8130


Bell 8130Red really is making the rounds this time of year, isn’t it? Bell adds one more red BlackBerry to join the growing pile just in time for Valentine’s day. If you’re in the market, you can pick one up for $99.95 on a three-year contract over here.

Bell offers bulk BlackBerry deal


BellBell has recently come out with a cool promo to ditch their old 8703e stock by giving away four of ‘em with every BlackBerry 8130 and 8830. Besides the devices, Bell is also offering bulk data plans to be split among those new users: $100 for 1 GB, $60 for 30 MB, $40 for 8 MB, $25 for 4 MB and another $20 for each additional user (over five?). This is a pretty sweet deal for companies that have executives and underlings to equip in a hurry. More info over here.