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Alltel launching red BlackBerry 8130


Alltel 8130A facelifted CDMA Pearl will be available on Alltel this quarter, alongside the LG Scoop and Samsung Muse. The original blue-grey one launched over the holidays, and I guess this red one’s just in time for the coming onslaught of Valentined-up handsets. For info on preorders, head on over to www.alltel.com/style.

Pink Pearl good to go


Pink PearlThe Verizon BlackBerry 8130 spotted in pink back at CES is set to launch this Friday. All the usual goodies, like 2 megapixel camera with 5 x digital zoom and video recording, EV-DO network support, GPS, and an externally-accessibly microSD slot, are there, available for $199.99 on a two-year plan. You can get another $100 off if you pick up a “qualifying” voice and data plan. Anyone have a Valentine they want to win over with gadgetry?

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 13


BBCoolSimon Sage goes over the holiday’s big BlackBerry news, namely new shots of the BlackBerry 8900, RIM’s stock taking a hit, new 8130 colours, and a smattering of international releases. Get your news right over here.(12 minutes)

I nixed the old iTunes feed since it was obviously not doing what it was supposed to, and started a brand new one which should be updated by the iTunes Store soon.

Canadian carriers getting a few new colours too?


PearlsThere are some rumblings that the new paint jobs recently gracing American carriers will be coming to Canada, too. An all-black and a pink BlackBerry 8130 should be coming to Telus sometime soon, with the possibility of a red one too. Wow, way to go Telus. Besides that a red BlackBerry 8310 might be coming to Rogers, too. Hmm, wonder what colours the BlackBerry 8110 will be coming out in?

QuickPlay launches free VideoStreams


VideoStreamsQuickPlay, the guys who do cool streaming audio and video players for BlackBerry, have released a new free one called VideoStreams for the BlackBerry 8130. The new software, available from www.videoforblackberry.com on your mobile browser, depends on streaming video support, EVDO availability, being in North America and having a forgiving data plan. QuickPlay’s already been offering video streaming as a service to carriers, but it’s now that it’s been ironed out, a free version is here for all-comers. The current content is broken up into comedy, extreme sports, horoscopes and music videos, with more likely on the way. Give it a shot and let us know how it runs!

BlackBerry 8130 coming in pink and red


Pink PearlFirst big BlackBerry news out of CES this year is the unveiling of the pink and red BlackBerry 8130 from Verizon and Sprint, respectively. Verizon’s got a teaser up on their site showing off the new threads, and based on reception to the rumors of a pink Pearl coming to Canada, we can expect the new colour to do really well. Features, shmeatures – the people demand fashion!