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New Otterboxes!


OtterBox PearlAfter scoping out BerryReview, we got wind that OtterBox has got some new goods on the way: a Curve and a Pearl case. These are following the lead of the 8800 case we reviewed not too long ago, and it’s great to see the form factor continuing. These cases have 3 layers – clear plastic for covering the keys and screen, followed by a hard plastic shell, then a rubberized skin on top for impact absorption and grip. OtterBox does great stuff, and you can get your preorders now at $49.99 each. Expect them to ship around October 31st.

Weekly Contest: Pearls Aplenty


PearlsThis last week has been rife with rumors of the new BlackBerry 8130. We even had a bit of patent-side news dealing with Suretype. For now, the GSM Pearl 2 is only on the other side of the pond, but it’s simply a matter of time before it finds its way over here. The Pearl is getting a lot of attention in light of this news, and it’s time we start thinking about how it might change in the near future.

Since coming out a scant year ago, the Pearl pioneered the trackball and overall layout of RIM’s 8800 and 8300 lines, which have become the main flagship formats for BlackBerry. The incremental upgrades we’ve been seeing recently are all built on the foundations of those three core devices, but they continue to evolve, such as with the 8130’s new external microSD slot. With the spotlight square on the Pearl, our question for this Weekly Contest is: what lies in the Pearl’s future? Will it continue to set the standard for new features and innovation, or will form factors like the fabled BlackBerry 9000 take over? Maybe the BlackBerry 8300 has already stolen the Pearl’s thunder? This is pretty open-ended, so feel free to comment on design, function, overall attitude, and everything in between. You guys have free rein to sound off on what the Pearl did right, what it did wrong, how it is changing, and where it’s going in the long haul. The most comprehensive, full-bodied comment will win 3 games from Bplay.

Check out the winner for our Special Bi-Weekly Contest!

Curve and Pearl coming to Cyprus


CyprusThe innocuous little island off the coast of Turkey will be getting some BlackBerry lovin’ today from their carrier MTN. The BlackBerry 8100 and BlackBerry 8300 will be landing on Cypriot shelves, hitting two out of three of RIM’s current flagship devices. We can count on the 8800 coming soon to fill in the gap of what’s become the BlackBerry trifecta of awesomeness. It’s a little curious that they didn’t just launch all three at once, considering it would have let MTS cover the whole spectrum of consumer and enterprise customers.

BlackBerrys land in Ukraine and Mumbai


UkraineRIM announced that BlackBerry is coming to Ukraine today through MTS’ launch of the BlackBerry 8700g, with the help of Alcatel-Lucent. While the rest of us might be in the process of upgrading to some of the new stuff hitting shelves, a ton of people still pack the 8700 and is an indisputably trusty device. A little further south in Mumbai, RIM announced BPL Mobile’s first BlackBerry, the BlackBerry 8300. The 8800 has already been there for awhile, so the Curve is a clear next step.

T-Mobile BlackBerry 8320 available for pre-order


T-MobileBrokeIt sounds like they’re getting some hints on T-Mobile’s BlackBerry 8320 pricing, and as usual enterprise customers are getting first dibs. The purported $199.99 pricetag puts the Wi-Fi-enabled 8320 dead-on with the now-defunct BlackBerry 8300. You can make your pre-orders now, and count on the September 24th. release date to get your hands on the new device.

New BlackBerry 8300 charging cradle available


BoxWaveMiblackberry just spotted a new BlackBerry 8300 desktop cradle from BoxWave, featuring an optional extra battery recharge slot. This cradle will do the job, sure, but where’s the style? Just take a look at the BerryBuddy, and you’ve got something that does your device’s good looks justice. (Speaking of which, the BerryBuddy charger for the BlackBerry 8100 is set to launch on the 17th.) BoxWave’s deal will cost you $52.95 for the spare battery charger model, and $32.95 for the standard.