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ACS launches BlackBerry line for Alaska


ACS blackberry logo

Alaska Communications Systems announced today the release of three different BlackBerrys for their subscribers: the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition, the BlackBerry Curve 8330 and the BlackBerry Pearl 8130. Astute readers will notice that all three BlackBerrys are EV-DO equipped for ACS’ CDMA network.

“The BlackBerry solution on Alaska’s fastest and most reliable network delivers the speed, security and interoperability that sophisticated business people and world travelers expect. ACS is the only carrier in Alaska that can achieve 3G data speeds on its EVDO-enabled devices, so our BlackBerry customers can expect faster data downloads, speedier access to corporate email, and a superior mobile web experience,” said Sheldon Fisher, ACS Senior Vice President of Sales and Service.

Both the Curve 8330 and Pearl 8130 are available from ACS for $249 on a two-year contract, while the 8830 World Edition will retail for $299 on a two-year contract. You can read the full press release and details after the jump.

See the ACS BlackBerry Press release

OS 4.5 for BlackBerry 8330 and BlackBerry 8130 now available


BlackBerry logoCDMA users have had a fun time trying to get their hands on the latest BlackBerry software, but now they won’t have to resort to Rapidshare to get the new OS. The Canadian carrier MTS Mobility has OS 4.5 available for public download from RIM’s site. If you’re looking to try it out, just grab the file, install, make sure you have the latest Desktop Manager, and plug in your BlackBerry via miniUSB when it’s open. Don’t worry that it’s from another carrier, you should be fine after deleting the vendor.xml file on your computer. OS 4.5 features rich text e-mail viewing on supporting BlackBerry Enterprise Servers, among other goodies like a variety of attachment download capabilities and free/busy calendar lookup. Folks packing the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition might still be out of luck, although there are torrents out there for unreleased versions of the software. CDMA subscribers can head on over to RIM’s site to get upgrading their Pearls and Curves.

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Verizon BlackBerry Curve and Pearl now in pink


BlackBerry 8330 from Verizon

Verizon’s jumping on the pink BlackBerry bandwagon, now with the BlackBerry 8330 and the BlackBerry 8130 available in the new colour. Pink’s just about had its time with the BlackBerry lineup, but other colours are certainly on the way, like the recent sunset paint job on T-Mobile’s BlackBerry 8320, and a bunch of fresh colours are coming to their Pearls soon. If you’re in the market for something in pink, though, head on over to the Verizon Wireless online store for more details. The Curve is available for $99.99 and the BlackBerry Pearl $79.99, both on a two-year plan with online rebate.

Tickled pink? Check BlackBerry 8130 and BlackBerry 8330 specs behind the jump, along with some other colours that could be coming soon…

Two-for-one BlackBerry Curves from Telus


BlackBerry Curve from Telus and LG Shine Telus is offering two BlackBerry 8330s for the price of one ($149.99 on a three year plan), and all you have to do is sign up for a share plan and e-mail. Colour swaps and price cuts are a few ways for CDMA carriers to pre-empt the BlackBerry Bold coming up for GSM competitors, and a two-for-one sale could equally sway anyone on the lookout for a BlackBerry in the near future. Any Canadian couples out there looking to take the BlackBerry plunge together should swing by their local Telus store to check it out, or take a look at the Telus online store.

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Verizon slashes BlackBerry prices


Verizon BlackBerry 8330This week Verizon took a machete to their BlackBerry prices, knocking the BlackBerry Curve down to $99.99, the BlackBerry Pearl to $79.99, and the BlackBerry World Edition to $149.99, all on two-year plans and with online rebate. Of course all CDMA carriers are feeling a bit of a sting these days what with the BlackBerry Bold launching on GSM networks worldwide any day now. Cheap devices aren’t the only way they’re hunkering down until the BlackBerry 9000 someday makes the CDMA switch – word has it Bell will be rocking a few new colours of Curve and Pearl, in a similar attempt to keep pace with GSM. Of course, Verizon will have the BlackBerry Thunder in good time, which could present some competition if it’s not hitting up AT&T…

(Verizon via cellular-news)


Bell rolling out new colours for BlackBerry Curve and Pearl


BlackBerry 8130 and 8330 from Bell

I’m pretty sure this is the first BlackBerry 8330 we’ve seen in red, and it’s due to hit Bell on August 8th alongside a white and titanium BlackBerry 8130. Fresh paint jobs seem like sloppy seconds when compared to the BlackBerry Bold and eventually the BlackBerry Kickstart coming out on GSM carriers in the near future, but if Bell actually makes the GSM switch, maybe they won’t have to settle for less. Still, new paint jobs are always cool, and it’s hard to argue with that colour on the Curve. Keep an eye on the Bell online store for the fresh offers… Right now the Pearl is going for free on a three year contract, and the Curve is $149.95.

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