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Du announces BlackBerry service in UAE


UAEAlthough Etisalat rules the UAE market, underdog du has just announced their new BlackBerry services. The launch lineup is pretty extensive, and includes the BlackBerry 8700, BlackBerry 8100, BlackBerry 8300 and BlackBerry 8800. A BBCool reader had made the point that Du has a long way to go to catch up to Etisalat. To me, getting some BlackBerrys on the shelf is a step in that direction.

Russian BlackBerrys launched


Onion DomeThe settlement of security issues last month has finally borne fruit as Russian carrier Vimpelcom has landed a contract with British American Tobacco for a batch of BlackBerry 8700s. 40 more clients are already lined up for the BlackBerry service, showing a clear demand and promising future for RIM in the Motherland.

BlackBerry due in China this quarter


ChinaWhile there’s still some contention over the iPhone’s status in the land of the rising sun, China Mobile is slated to bust out the BlackBerry 8700 before the end of the quarter. Although it’s a bit tempting to brag about BlackBerry beating the iPhone into the country, but let’s hold off to see if China Mobile actually called off talks, or if they’ve actually started them. There might have been a few delays getting the BlackBerry in before Christmas, but maybe all the waiting has been building up some excitement over there…?

China Mobile yet to launch BlackBerrys


ChinaMainland China was supposed to get a bunch of BlackBerry 8700s by the end of December, but it’s still yet to happen. It’s taken long enough for RIM to crack the tough nut of the Chinese market, so what’s a bit longer, eh? While confident that everything is going smoothly now that they’re inside the borders, the ball is still in the carrier’s court to deliver.

“You should ask China Mobile about the timeline,” [Charles] Liu, RIM’s top executive in China, told Reuters. “From my perspective, everything is according to plan.”

Bangladesh gets BlackBerry


BangladeshWe’ve talked plenty about India in RIM’s Asian game, but neighbouring Bangladesh has just got its first taste with the BlackBerry 8700 and the BlackBerry 8100. With a population density nearly three times India, you can expect our favourite handhelds to spread nicely over there. No sign of pricing on Grameenphone’s site, but for anyone out in that neck of the woods, you can expect more info before the end of the month.

Oman Mobile launches BlackBerry service


Oman MobileOver the weekend Oman Mobile announced its first BlackBerrys, offering the 8100, 8700 and 8800 at launch. Emitac, RIM’s usual partner in the area, helped set up Oman Mobile with the release after bringing the 8800 to Kuwait and Uganda earlier this year. It’s interesting that the 8700 wasn’t shouldered out by the 8800; you’d think that the Curve would better round out the lineup, but having two tiers of business flavours does offer something for mass enterprise rollout as well as higher-end executive deployment.