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NTT DoCoMo launching BIS in Japan


DoCoMo BlackBerry 8703e

Japan had been struggling with language support issues and BlackBerry, but now that the BlackBerry 8703 will be available on BIS for ¥ 3,045 or about $US 30, it looks like the brand is getting some traction. The BlackBerry Internet Service will be available August 1st. to customers who don’t have a corporate server handy, which opens up the market considerably. While the 8703 has most of the same guts as the newer models, it’s still distinctly lacking their good looks and style. It goes without saying that Japan will have some pretty stiff competition in wireless, so if RIM means business there, they might have to fast track the device catalog to catch up.

(Far East Gizmos via Rimarkable)

Bell offers bulk BlackBerry deal


BellBell has recently come out with a cool promo to ditch their old 8703e stock by giving away four of ‘em with every BlackBerry 8130 and 8830. Besides the devices, Bell is also offering bulk data plans to be split among those new users: $100 for 1 GB, $60 for 30 MB, $40 for 8 MB, $25 for 4 MB and another $20 for each additional user (over five?). This is a pretty sweet deal for companies that have executives and underlings to equip in a hurry. More info over here.

Two BlackBerrys land in Puerto Rico


CentennialCentennial has announced the BlackBerry 8703e and 8830 in Puerto Rico, both of which will enjoy GPS navigation and make use of the island-wide EV-DO network. Centennial just launched their BlackBerry service in the US this September, and already the love spreading down to the tropics. While we won’t be seeing the Curve on the Centennial’s CDMA network anytime soon, the BlackBerry 8130 is making the rounds, so it could very well end up down in Puerto Rico soon. You can grab the 8703e for $149.99 and the 8830 for $249.99 over here.

Bacon on BlackBerry: Themes, Skype, and ringtones


Jeff BaconMagmic’s very own Jeff Bacon comes in for another round of Bacon on BlackBerry to answer a few troublesome issues folks have been having. As ever, themes and ringtones are on the chopping block, along with Skype compatability, getting your calendar on the home screen and how to change your background. Sound like anything you need help with? Sit back and bask in the Yoda-esque wisdom of Bacon

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