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Airtel and Reliance launch a bevvy of BlackBerrys in India


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Two different Indian carriers announced new information for a wide variety of BlackBerrys today. In news that will only make the rumored AT&T Bold delay sting more, Airtel has announced the launch of the BlackBerry Bold on their network, priced at Rs. 34,990 and available by the end of September.

In addition, Reliance mobile has introduced the first prepaid BlackBerry service in India today for no less than six different devices. Reliance claims that this announcement will help expand BlackBerry interest to the 200 million prepaid users in India.

Reliance Prepaid BlackBerry Support

* The BlackBerry 8830 World Edition
* The BlackBerry Curve 8330
* The BlackBerry Curve 8300
* The BlackBerry Pearl 8100
* The BlackBerry Pearl 8130
* The BlackBerry 8703e

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(via RIM, Ciol)

Where to get OS 4.2 for the BlackBerry 8703e


8703eA helpful reader has pointed us towards a Verizon download link for OS 4.2.1 for the BlackBerry 8703e, which should let you CDMA customers get in on the new Facebook application. Although the patch is “technically” for Verizon customers, it should work on any CDMA 8703e if you delete the vendor.xml file from your the Desktop Manager’s application loader directory first. Speaking of which, be sure you’re using Desktop Manager 4.2 service pack 2, available for download here. Thanks Jon!

How not to do a device comparison review


Apples and OrangesIt’s tough being a blogger sometimes. You love your topic of choice, but sometimes have to scrape for content. Maybe you have a great idea for a story, but you don’t have the resources to get it done. Such is the case with AppleInsider’s BlackBerry 8703e vs. iPhone review.

Yeah, that’s right: I said the BlackBerry 8703e. While some might think that any comparison review between a BlackBerry and an iPhone is unfair because they cater to two completely different markets, surely all can agree that pitting the Jesus Phone (Wi-Fi, GSM, AT&T, consumer focus) against almost a two year old, CDMA, enterprise device carried only by Verizon and Sprint. Granted, AppleInsider is using the 8703e mostly as a foil to talk about the iPhone, but they could have at least used the BlackBerry 8830, which is the most recent CDMA BlackBerry available.

If you want a much better head to head review, check out this one by TechCrunch, which rates the iPhone against the much newer (and more relevant) BlackBerry 8800. While we would have prefered a Curve vs. iPhone review (or perhaps even a newfangled BlackBerry 8820), it still gets the job done.