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T-Mobile manages to launch 8820


T-Mobile has finally announced the launch of the BlackBerry 8820, after a rather lengthy delay. The 8820 features both GPS and Wi-Fi capability, a rarity in BlackBerrys, and is available from T-Mobile’s store in a midnight blue finish. The colouring is also rare for an 8800-series, what with Verizon’s red 8830 being the only precedent. Now let’s see if T-Mobile can manage the same feat with the 8120.

8820 available from T-Mobile on the 24th?


It was rumored in early February that T-Mobile would be releasing the Wi-Fi equipped, Hotspot@Home compatible 8820 on March 5th. They obviously missed that date, putting an ominous looking TBD as the availability date. Thankfully, Engadget noticed that they’ve apparently settled on a March 24th release.

BlackBerry 8820 coming to T-Mobile?


T-Mobile 8820The rumors are a-flying of T-Mobile getting the Wi-Fi BlackBerry that graced AT&T’s shelves back in September. The BlackBerry 8820 is expected around March 5th., just a little under a month away, and should be compatible with T-Mobile’s Hotspot @Home and likely the Talk Forever program they’re testing out in Dallas and Seattle.


DecalGirl skins the BlackBerry 8800 series


8800decalOur buddies at DecalGirl released skins for the 8800 series last Friday, and they’re looking great. Even for a businessy BlackBerry, it’s nice to get a little bit of extra style to set you apart from all the other suits. I’m still packing the Dante skin on my Pearl, and it’s providing a surprising amount of protection, even on the backside where it gets the most damage. Speaking of the Pearl skins, they’ve all been marked down to $5.99 a pop, including the 8130 models, so get ‘em while they’re hot. Remember, all the skins also come with a matching background you can download for extra effect.

BlackBerry 8120 hits India


Airtel 8120Another Pearl hits the streets today: the BlackBerry 8120 through Indian carrier Bharti Airtel. The Pearl will be joining Airtel’s recently released 8820 in offering Wi-Fi BlackBerryage to the masses. This one is going with a steely titanium finish, versus O2’s blue release yesterday. India’s a huge growth market, as we’ve seen in the past, and bringing the newest devices over there means good business for RIM. Thanks Stefano!

New Otterboxes!


OtterBox PearlAfter scoping out BerryReview, we got wind that OtterBox has got some new goods on the way: a Curve and a Pearl case. These are following the lead of the 8800 case we reviewed not too long ago, and it’s great to see the form factor continuing. These cases have 3 layers – clear plastic for covering the keys and screen, followed by a hard plastic shell, then a rubberized skin on top for impact absorption and grip. OtterBox does great stuff, and you can get your preorders now at $49.99 each. Expect them to ship around October 31st.