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Free Refurbished BlackBerry Bold 9000 from AT&T


AT&T are offering refurbished Bold 9000s for free with a 2 year contract. This isn’t a bad deal considering a new Bold 9000 will run you $199 on a 2 year plan. It’s not clear what caveats to attach to this deal, and just how refurbished the devices are, but if you’re comfortable with OS updrades and device wipes, I’m sure it will be fine.

Check out the free refurbished Bold 9000 deal from AT&T.

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Diamond encrusted BlackBerry Bold 9000


diamond encrusted blackberry bold

There isn’t much to say here: it’s a BlackBerry Bold and it’s covered in diamonds.


3 UK launches the BlackBerry Bold 9000


BlackBerry Bold

3 UK has finally made its way to 3 UK. The Bold is one of the best BlackBerry devices on the market right now with its slick look and feel as well as powerful media capabilities. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the keyboard (I like my keys separated), but there is a device for everyone with RIM.

With 3 UK, the device has access to the 3MusicStore, multiple email account support and unlimited Windows Messenger access.

The plan will go for £30 per month with 500 mins, unlimited text/email/internet/windows live messenger.



Selfridges releases 10 exclusive, limited edition BlackBerry Bolds



The department store Selfridges has commissioned 10 exclusive, limited edition BlackBerry devices to celebrate its 100th birthday.

Each of the handsets – numbered from one to ten – will go on sale at Selfridges’ flagship London store priced at £1000.

The exclusive devices are BlackBerry Bolds re-created with a leather back-plate in the iconic Selfridges Pantone 109 yellow colour and offering redesigned number keys on the face of the device.

The devices will come with VIP tech support.



Howard Stern prefers the BlackBerry Bold over the Palm Pre



Not that Howard Stern is necessarily a good judge of what a good mobile phone is, but nonetheless he chose the BlackBerry Bold over the Palm Pre. Stern said that the Pre was a fine phone (it’s unclear whether he actually held it), but said its inability to connect to Lotus Notes was a dealbreaker.

Again, the world’s finest smartphone for consumers and enterprise alike wins.



BlackBerry Bold launches in Pakistan


BlackBerry Bold

RIM, in partnership with strategic channel partner Emitac Mobile Solutions (EMS), announced yesterday the availability of the BlackBerry Bold in Pakistan, via leading Pakistan telecom Ufone.

Mr. Ali Ikram from Ufone commented on the new smartphone, stating, “This elegant BlackBerry Bold smartphone from Ufone will surely delight every Pakistani tech-savvy customer as well as those who value increased productivity. This unique smartphone delivers an amazing blend of functionality, performance, usability and design – making it an ideal choice for both professionals and power users in Pakistan.”

No pricing information is available yet, so we recommend dropping by your nearest Ufone outlet for more details. You can read the full press release after the jump, as well as our exhaustive BlackBerry Bold review.

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Ufone launches BlackBerry Bold in Pakistan