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OS now available for Rogers BlackBerry Bold (BlackBerry Bytes)


BlackBerry LogoGood news for Rogers BlackBerry Bold users who have had a myriad of issues with RIM’s new flagship device (I’m looking in your direction, Kevin). Rogers has officially released an OS update for the BlackBerry Bold which reportedly improves device stability, battery life, web browsing,dropped calls, and memory management. You can find the download link to OS below, and make sure to check out our OS upgrade how to as well.

Rogers Bold OS Upgrade

How To Upgrade your BlackBerry OS


Safe Mode exists for the BlackBerry Bold


BlackBerry Bold Safe Mode

For all members of the BlackBerry Nation holding out for the BlackBerry Curve 8900 instead of buying the BlackBerry Bold because it has a ‘Safe Mode’ feature (there were at least one or two of you, right?), worry not. Troy over at BlackBerryNews.com has uncovered the feature, which allows you to prevent third-party applications from running automatically, in a version of the BlackBerry Bold OS.

To get ‘Safe Mode’ on your Bold right now, you’ll have to find OS floating somewhere on the Interwebs. Or you can look at some more photos after the jump while continuously selecting ‘Wirless Upgrade’ from your Bold options menu.

(via BlackBerryNews)

BlackBerry Bold Safe Mode

Orange UK suspending BlackBerry Bold shipments?


BlackBerry Bold

Uh-oh. This isn’t good news for the boys and girls in Waterloo. It looks like AT&T isn’t the only carrier having trouble with the BlackBerry Bold. Mobile Tech Addicts got their hands on this internal Orange UK document that speaks for itself:

Following reports of software issues with the BlackBerry Bold handset across a variety of mobile operators, Orange has decided to act in the interest of its customers by suspending shipments of the device in the UK. We are currently awaiting feed back from RIM as to when an industry wide fix for these issues will be in place, and expect this suspension to be an interim measure. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may cause you.

Next steps: BlackBerry/RIM are doing everything they can to resolve this issue and will be completing full testing and validation to ensure future handsets do not have any quality issues. This may take a couple of weeks so it’s up to us to do what’s best for our customers.

I hope this doesn’t start a trend. Can any Orange users report back to us if they’ve experienced any Bold issues? Do any of the hardcore cellular readers know if there are similarities between Orange and AT&T’s networks?

(via Mobile Tech Addicts)


BlackBerry Bold coming to Bahrain


bahrain blackberry bold

Uh-oh, looks like it’s time to add another country to the BlackBerry Bold World Map. Zain Bahrain and RIM jointly announced today the launch of the BlackBerry Bold in the Kingdom of Bahrain today.

“The uber-sophisticated BlackBerry Bold smartphone is sure to delight Zain Bahrain customers who love to stay ahead in the tech race as well as those who value increased productivity. It delivers an amazing blend of functionality, performance, usability and design, making it an ideal choice for both business professionals and power users in Bahrain,” said Zain Bahrain’s Special Projects Manager, Bashar Alami,

I’m not sure how large our Bahrainni readership is, but they must be excited! Check out our BlackBerry Bold Review to know if you should buy it (answer: yes). You can read the full press release after the jump.

The Ultimate BlackBerry Bold Review (with full device specs)

BlackBerry Bold Bahrain Press Release

Rogers BlackBerry Bold drops to $299 October 1st


Oh jeez, all those Rogers BlackBerry Bold early adopters just got RickRolled iPhone’d. No more than 6 weeks after initial launch, Rogers will be dropping the price of the BlackBerry Bold from $399.99 on a three-year contract to $299.99 on a three-year contract.

While it’s hard to look a cheaper Bold in the mouth (especially with the reduced Rogers data plans coming the same day), I know there are a lot of Rogers BlackBerry users asking ‘why now?’ Are BlackBerry Bolds not selling as briskly as Rogers would like. Does this have something to do with the ‘hero campaigns’ Jim Balsillie mentioned during RIM’s investors conference call?

Maybe the most important question: if enough Rogers subscribers complain, will they get a refund? Post a comment and let us know what you think.