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BlackBerry KickStart pictures emerge


Oh boy, RIM isn’t going to like this. Our friends at CrackBerry have posted pictures of the BlackBerry KickStart. Is it just me, or does it not look as ugly as previously thought? I wonder how much radiation it emits. Post a comment and let us know what you think of RIM’s first FlipBerry.

(via CrackBerry)

Click here for more BlackBerry KickStart photos

Boy Genius unearths the BlackBerry 9110 (Codename: Seawolf)


BlackBerry 9110 SeawolfYear after year, Boy Genius keeps the often boring summertime news cycle interesting by breaking new BlackBerry devices. The trend continues, this time with an .xml file revealing the BlackBerry 9110, which has essentially the coolest development codename ever: Seawolf. Pertinent features? It’s in the 9100 series family, which means a ‘reduced’ SureType keypad, and possibly flip-phone styling, but with GPS support.

Boy Genius seems to think the device is headed to AT&T. We wait with baited breath.

(via Boy Genius Report)

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 30


BBCoolBBCool hits the big three-oh, interviewing Best of WES Awards winners Bayalink and Neverfail, along with the week’s news, including the latest on the BlackBerry Kickstart, more disputes over the BlackBerry rollout in India, and a couple of international releases. Get your MP3 on, your iTunes on or your RSS feed on.

Kickstart slides reveal external LCD utilities


Some more information on the unreleased flip BlackBerry codenamed Kickstart has surfaced… The leaked slides seem to be an attempt to soothe the worries of diehard BlackBerry fans who are used to holstering their devices and checking them in a very specific way. The external LCD screen will prove to be a useful feature, showing off the first few lines of a message, the face of callers, scrolling through alerts easily with the side volume keys, and opening those alerts just by flipping the BlackBerry open. Outside of the business utilities, the outer screen will also show album art of music playing, which can be readily controlled by the volume and muting keys. Pretty standard stuff for existing flips, but definitely gives reasons for sticklers to switch their form factor.

Kickstart hitting up T-Mobile in late June?


BlackBerry 9100A leaked product roadmap has shown a bevvy of mobiles hitting up the King of Magenta this summer (June 16 – August 1), including the BlackBerry Bold and the recently-revealed BlackBerry Kickstart. If the 9100 and 9000 are actually lined up for a simultaneous release, I’m a little boggled why they weren’t both announced at WES… initial reactions to the flip BlackBerry haven’t been especially promising, but hey, neither were those for the Bold, and I think it’s safe to say that attitude has seen a turnaround. For now, take this rumor with a grain of salt until photos of the actual roadmap are revealed.

BlackBerry Cool Podacst: Episode 28


BBCoolFor our last show before WES, we talk with Neverfail and BoxTone about their recent partnership, as well as the spiffy lounge at WES, followed up by a talk with SugarSync about their desktop and mobile file access apps, and then Chalk about their exciting plans for WES, which include a prize-packed contest. As usual, we run down the news, namely the BlackBerry 9100’s flip form factor coming to light, Canadian government stepping into the ongoing Indian debacle, and RIM’s post-WES plans for certification. You can grab the MP3, XML, or iTunes.