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No 3G on BlackBerry 9100?


small9100Excited about the recently-revealed Kickstart? We got some info suggesting the upcoming flip BlackBerry will likely be the 9100 when it hits the streets, supporting EDGE, OS 4.6, 802.11b, and 802.11g flavours of Wi-Fi. No 3G yet, but who knows what will happen before it comes out. The screen size will be 240 x 320, just as wide, but longer than the Pearl’s 240 x 260 screen. Other info alluding to an external display pretty much seals the model number issue. It wouldn’t be surprising if 3G and Wi-Fi couldn’t fit under the 9100’s hood, considering the Pearl had similar issues, but later versions could easily mix and match Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G.

Weekly Contest: The Post-9000 Wishlist


BlackBerry 9000With the potential of a front-facing video camera, and the confirmation of a 9100 model in the wings, you gotta wonder what iterations will follow the newest generation of BlackBerry. Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G defined the progression of the 8000 series across its three tracks (Pearl, Curve and 8800), but if the rumored features stick, all of those will be included in the base model. This leaves the question: what features will come after launch? Is a video camera going to be held out for the 9100, or will the old designations stick, resulting in a SureType device like the Pearl? Will CDMA get any more love with this series, perhaps with a few more dual-mode models? You might even want to check out one of our older contests for some inspiration… Let’s hear what you guys want to see in the coming months from the 9000 series, and win Bplay’s recently-launched Texas Hold’Em King 3, along with two other games of your choice, and three BlackBerry skins from DecalGirl.

Last week’s winner behind the jump!

BlackBerry 9000 to be EDGE-only?


BlackBerry 9000Okay, you can drop the booing and hissing, we know it would suck, but it’s all gossip until the thing comes out. Keep in mind that this is just for the first iteration of the series, the BlackBerry 9000, and that the previously-rumored 9100 should still have 3G. Outside of that, the rumors are also telling us the 9000 will be packing quad-band GSM/GPRS, QWERTY keyboard, support a, g and b flavours of Wi-Fi, and a 480 x 320 screen like the 9100. Nothing’s been said for sure about a touchscreen, and I’m partial to the idea that it’s just wishful thinking on a lot of people’s parts.

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 9


BBCoolSimon Sage gives a quick update on the week’s news. The spotlight shines squarely on new BlackBerry 9100 info, but we also go over releases in Russia and Singapore, Google’s new My Location, the results of Black Friday sales, and more. Take a listen here! (14 minutes)

BlackBerry 9000 specs leaked


9000Oh, Boy Genius. What would we do without you? The 9100 will purportedly be carrying a 480 x 320 screen, a 624MHz processor, 1GB of on-board memory, GPS, Wi-Fi, 2 megapixel camera and be running on sweet, sweet 3G HSDPA. Hawt? Yes. You guys who have been clamouring for an all-in-one device? This sounds like it.

At least OS 4.3 will be on there (if not some mysterious new next-gen software), which means video recording and all the other features we’re seeing on recent BlackBerrys will be on the 9100. As for the keypad, you’ve got to wonder where it’s going to go, what with the screen being on par with the iPhone’s resolution. Yeah, there’s a lot of noise about a touchscreen device, but unless RIM has the cajones to say they can do the touchscreen keypad better than Apple, I think a slider format is a much more likely move. If they’re feeling kinky, maybe that roll-out keypad will see the light of day. Camerawise, there’s no upgrade planned, maybe since they stepped down from the Pearl 2’s initial 3.2 megapixels and didn’t want to disappoint again, but there’s still plenty of time for things to change. As for a release date, BG is sticking to his early ’08 forecast, but as ever, that remains in the wonderful and exciting Land of Rumors.