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Poynt for BlackBerry Storm hands on


We’ve talked about Poynt, a free local search service, quite a bit on BlackBerry Cool: as a BlackBerry Developer Challenge winner, in podcast form with developer Multiplied’s Peter Werry during BBDC and in recent releases on the BlackBerry Curve 8900 and BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220.

Multiplied has now brought Poynt to the BlackBerry Storm and was kind enough to give us a copy early for a hands-on. After the jump you’ll find Poynt for BlackBerry Storm’s feature list, a bunch of screen captures, and impressions from our time with this nifty application. Or you could just download Poynt at the link below, considering this is one of the best applications out for the Storm right now.

Download Poynt for BlackBerry Storm

Poynt for BlackBerry Storm impression, features, screenshots

Vodafone BlackBerry Storm 9500 OS update now available!


While most Verizon Storm users are wondering why they would receive a text message telling them to upgrade to an OS that isn’t available yet, Vodafone Germany did the smart thing and just posted OS on their website! You can click the link below to download and get updating - OS should give Storm 9500 users quite a boost in stability.

Vodafone BlackBerry Storm 9500 OS update

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BlackBerry Storm screen won’t scratch


Any BlackBerry Curve user knows that screen scratching can be a huge issue. Put that BlackBerry in your pocket with your keys too many times and you just bought yourself an expensive paperweight. Thankfully, the video above shows that this won’t be an issue with the BlackBerry Storm. A tip of our hat to the brave soul who thought that attacking his Storm with a hunting knife was a good idea.

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BlackBerry Storm OS 4.7 upgrade now available?


Our boy Kevin over at CrackBerry just received this email:

I just received this email from no-reply@upgrade.blackberry.com:

Bundle An upgrade of BlackBerry® Device Software version 4.7 is available. This upgrade includes optimizations and enhancements approved by your wireless service provider.

Note: If your device is associated with an email account that uses a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, contact your administrator for more information about upgrading. is available for your device.

Go to http://www.blackberry.com/go/softwareupgrades to upgrade.

We’re away from our office, and thus from a version of Internet Explorer needed to download the upgrade (where’s that Mac compliance, RIM?). PC users, quickly, hit the link above and let us know if BlackBerry Storm users have an updated OS 4.7!

BlackBerry Storm 9500 launches in Netherlands


Quickly following up on their and Australian pricing announcement, Vodafone has joined with RIM to jointly announce the launch of the BlackBerry Storm 9500 in the Netherlands. Here’s a list of the software to come pre-loaded on RIM’s first touchscreen BlackBerry.

    * Facebook® for BlackBerry® smartphones
    * Windows Live™ Messenger for BlackBerry smartphones
    * Google Talk™ for BlackBerry smartphones
    * Yahoo® Messenger for BlackBerry smartphones
    * AOL® Instant Messenger™ for BlackBerry smartphones
    * ICQ® for BlackBerry smartphones
    * Flickr™ Photo Uploader for BlackBerry smartphones

Pricing for Voda Netherlands Storm ranges from free to €79.95, depending on your per month tariff. You can find the full pricing info after the jump or at the link below:

Vodafone Netherlands BlackBerry Storm Page

Vodafone Netherlands pricing

BlackBerry 4.7 JDE has been updated (BlackBerry Bytes)


The BlackBerry 4.7 JDE beta that saw release in early October has received an update. The beta update includes device simulators much closer to the final Vodafone and Verizon BlackBerry Storm builds, as well as the final accelerometer APIs. Developers should expect the final JDE release in the coming weeks.

BlackBerry OS 4.7 JDE

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