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FIVE new Vodafone BlackBerry Storm videos


UPDATE: Umm, make that five new videos. We’ve just added videos from CNN and Stuff.tv after the jump.

It looks like everyone and their dog has gotten their hands on a Vodafone BlackBerry Storm 9500, which launches in the UK on November 14th. Following the 4 minutes of BlackBerry Storm video heaven we posted about yesterday, no less than three other UK mobile sites — KnowYourMobile, MegaWhat and T3 — have posted their own videos. Of the three, MegaWhat’s is probably the most informative, while KnowYourMobile’s demonstrates what purchasing music through Vodafone’s store will look like. We’ve put T3’s first, however, for two reasons: it features a super cute British tech nerd, and she calls the Storm a “stunning piece of kit.” Bloody brilliant. You can see the other two videos after the jump.

Two more Vodafone BlackBerry Storm videos

Telus BlackBerry Storm to come on December 8th?


Sad news for Telus fans hoping to see the BlackBerry Storm 9530 on the Canadian carrier sometime near the impending Vodafone Storm launch (somewhere between November 14th-18th). We received this email today from a faithful member of the BlackBerry Nation:

Hi, I’m currently a Telus Corporate Store employee and I can guarantee you that the release date WILL NOT BE Nov. 17. I had just attended a Q4 Rally which was at the Ontario Science Centre in which on our PowerPoint slide, the indicated date will be in fact, Dec. 8th. I was unable to photograph the actual slide due to security reasons but the loot and goodies I picked up from the event should be sufficient evidence that I am in fact telling the truth. Within the picture is my lanyard needed for the night for entry to the Rally, and plenty of goodies from the companies which are under the Telus brand and useful specification information sheets.

So there you have it, folks, December 8th. A month away, but still in time to make the Storm a perfect stocking stuffer. I guess that’s why Telus changed their BlackBerry Storm Page to read “in time for the holidays” from “coming soon”.

You can follow all the latest Storm launch date news on our BlackBerry Storm Roundup page. Check out another photo from our tipster friend after the jump.

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Vodafone announces BlackBerry Storm launch date: 14th or 18th?


Vodafone UK officially announced the launch date of the BlackBerry Storm 9500 today via press release. However, while the press release announcement states that the Storm will be available November 14th, Vodafone’s BlackBerry Storm pre-order page puts the date as the 18th. Is this a simple typo or the sign of a delay?

For what it’s worth, Verizon also published a new Storm release, containing new data plans for ‘world travelers’. The Global Value Plan offers discounted roaming charges on calls made to and from 130 countries for $4.99 a month, while the GlobalEmail Data Plans are available for $69.99 a month data-only or $64.99 a month with a voice plan. You can read both press releases below.

Vodafone BlackBerry Storm Press Release
Verizon BlackBerry Storm Press Release


Vodafone BlackBerry Storm gets unboxed


If the 4 minute video we posted yesterday wasn’t enough for you, UK gadget site T3.com has posted a full unboxing of the Vodafone BlackBerry Storm. Note that the Storm is a RIM-issued model, and thus the actual Vodafone model will likely see different packaging at release. Still, unboxing pr0n is unboxing pr0n. Wondering when you can get your hands on this beauty? Check out our BlackBerry Storm Launch Roundup.

Vodafone BlackBerry Storm unboxing shots


Vodafone releases BlackBerry Storm pricing


Vodafone BlackBerry Storm Pricing

Vodafone has placed official pricing for the BlackBerry Storm 9500 up on their website. For members of the BlackBerry Nation in North America, the pricing scheme may seem a little unfamiliar. For example, pricing falls into three categories based upon the length of contract (1 year, 18 months, 2 years) with device cost ranging from free (!) to £500 based upon your monthly payment.

You can see the full pricing information at the link below (it’s just to long and varied to easily reproduce). I hope one day North American carriers will introduce a similar pricing scheme. Variety is the spice of life!

Vodafone BlackBerry Storm payment plans

(thanks to SingStar for the tip!)


BlackBerry Storm launch roundup


BlackBerry Storm

UPDATE 1: Bad news folks. The latest news from Telus is that the BlackBerry Storm won’t launch until December 8th. This puts the Bell November 21st date into question as well, simply because Telus is expected to launch first.

UPDATE 2: The Vodafone BlackBerry Storm has been officially announced, and will launch on November 14th for business customers in the UK. Expect the average consumer to get it around the 18th.

UPDATE 3: Best Buy is currently taking pre-orders for the Verizon BlackBerry Storm with a $50 deposit. Devices appear to be in stock by November 16th, but that isn’t a confirmed release date.

UPDATE 4: New info suggests a possible November 24th launch date and a $199 price tag after a mail-in rebate.

UPDATE 5: Finally! The Verizon BlackBerry Storm will officially launch November 21st for $199 on a 2 year contract!

It’s official: Verizon BlackBerry Storm launches November 21st, for $199

Verizon BlackBerry Storm to launch November 24th?

After spending time with the BlackBerry Storm during BBDC, it was a little hard to leave it behind. Thankfully, I did so with full knowledge that it would be returning to my awaiting hands very soon. Here’s the latest in BlackBerry Storm launch rumors for a variety of carriers:

    PhoneArena is reporting that Verizon will begin selling the BlackBerry Storm in corporate Nov 15th and the following day at BestBuy locations. Ever since our initial Nov 4th post, the release date has been pushed back one day at a time. While we’ve been currently hearing the 19th from our sources, it’s close enough to not matter too much.

    BlackBerry News seems to be wavering back and forth between a November 7th and 11th release date for the Vodafone BlackBerry Storm. CSRs place pricing at around £350 ($538 USD). Please take a look at BBNews’ photos for this post, it made my day.

    As we reported earlier today, it appears that Bell may receive the BlackBerry Storm on November 21st, shortly after the two releases above. I wonder if Telus will try to undercut them by releasing on the 20th.

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