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Telus officially launches the BlackBerry Storm


Telus BlackBerry Storm 9530

It’s official! Telus has released the BlackBerry Storm today, making the Big T the first to launch RIM’s first touchscreen in Canada. So what do we have here? EV-DO Rev. A, GPS, 3.2 MPX camera with auto focus, WorldPhone capabilities, and a free 8GB MicroSD card loaded with music and videos from Canadian artists.

“We’ve experienced unprecedented interest in the BlackBerry Storm smartphone and are pleased that Canadians are just as excited about the BlackBerry Storm as we are,ยจ said John Watson, president of TELUS Consumer Solutions. “With exclusive TELUS content and excellent plans for every kind of BlackBerry smartphone client, we’re able to take the touch-screen experience to new heights, while reinforcing TELUS’ position as Canada’s smartphone leader.”

Telus is selling the BlackBerry Storm for $249.99 on a three-year contract or $599.99 without a contract. BUT PAY ATTENTION TO THIS PART: Telus has limited stock from now until January 1st. While new shipments will be coming in every week, I highly recommend that you heed Telus’ warning that orders made after December 17th will not result in a BlackBerry Storm before Christmas.

After the jump you’ll find full Telus Storm specs, and a bunch of helpful links for purchase or hands-on impressions. Canadian Storm Chasers can now turn their eyes to Bell

Telus BlackBerry Storm 9530 specs and important links

Judy Mellett talks Telus BlackBerry Storm


Despite both my intentions and best efforts, I actually ended up doing some work during the Telus BlackBerry Storm launch party. Judy Mellett, Director of Product Realization at Telus, was brave enough to spend a few minutes outside with me in the harsh Toronto cold discussing the BlackBerry Storm and the role it plays in Telus’ overall strategy. It was interesting to hear her position the Storm as both a business and consumer device. Check it out.


Telus BlackBerry Storm Launch Party Schwag Unboxing


What would a launch party be without free schwag? Telus gave each attendee a sweet gift bag in addition to a free BlackBerry Storm at their launch party, which is a great way to make a lowly blogger feel like VIP. Favorite piece of schwag? Probably the Stars tee shirt. Yes, the chocolate was tasty. Oh, and my kitty enjoyed the stuffed meercat.


Telus BlackBerry Storm Unboxing


There’s nothing like unboxing a brand new BlackBerry, especially when it’s free. Especially when you’re using another another free BlackBerry Storm to record the video.

Here’s a few things I’ve learn since recording the video yesterday morning. Firstly, while the Storm demo units at the launch party were running OS, I can confirm that our boxed versions are running the much improved OS In addition, it appears that my previous suspicions were correct — the Telus BlackBerry Storms do not contain the Application Center. Considering the launch is imminent, I don’t expect this to change before then.

You can see some more unboxing photos after the jump, or check out our Telus BlackBerry Storm Impressions post from a few weeks ago.

P.S. Astute viewers may notice me picking up the missing BlackBerry Storm battery at the end of the video above. Consider this the perfect summary of the day I had yesterday.

Telus BlackBerry Storm Unboxing Pictures

Telus BlackBerry Storm Launch Party Photos


Sweet Lord and Moses, we’re alive! If you were wondering why there was few updates to BlackBerry Cool yesterday, it was because 1/2 of the BBCool Crew was attempting to return home to Ottawa in what can only be described as a blizzard storm death march. Add to that the fact that there was not a Starbucks with working Wi-Fi to be found in the GTA, and you get a bunch of great Telus BlackBerry Storm content making its way to you now. Special thanks to QB Kyle for holding down the fort.

So Telus’ BlackBerry Storm launch party was an absolute blast, with great food, free drinks, local celebrities (you can’t hide from us, K-OS!) and Arts & Crafts artists providing the musical background. I also had the opportunity chill with Ian from MobileSyrup and Tom from BlackBerryNews – great guys. To make up for my tardiness, I’m uploading a jam-packed photo gallery and a bunch of other stuff, so stay tuned!

Tons of Telus BlackBerry Storm Launch Party Photos!

Telus Publishes BlackBerry Storm Pricing Information


We were one of the first sites to break Telus’ official BlackBerry Storm pricing information, so this isn’t anything special, but it’s nice to see we’re inching ever so closer to launch ground zero. Telus has posted their official pricing on their website, with options to follow the latest Storm news or tell someone you want it (a genius marketing ploy). In addition, we’ve also included a link below to Telus’ sweet BlackBerry Storm promo page, which contains a bunch of information on the great Storm contests we told you about previously.

Telus BlackBerry Storm Pricing
Telus BlackBerry Storm Ultimate Update Page

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