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BlackBerry Style 9670 Review: The First Clamshell, Full QWERTY BlackBerry


blackberry style 9670

The BlackBerry Style is official and has launched on most carriers for $99.99 on a 2 year contract (after a mail-in rebate). With TELUS, the Style will be $49.99 on a three year contract. The Style comes in steel gray and royal purple, as well as the standard black and features BlackBerry 6 out of the box.

The Style is an interesting form factor that has been hugely popular over the years but isn’t necessarily a modern trend. When you look at the devices that are gaining a lot of steam and popularity, a clamshell form factor doesn’t come to mind. Still, you can’t deny the prevalence of these devices and if anyone is going to do it at a good price point and modern design, it’s RIM. I’ve been using the device for about a month now, so lets take a deep look at this device, and see what it’s like. Hit the jump for the full review.
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RIM and Sprint Introduce the Clamshell BlackBerry Style 9670


blackberry style

It’s official, RIM and Sprint have introduced the BlackBerry Style 9670, which they’re billing as the “first full-QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry in a flip form factor.” The Style has two high rez dispays, allowing you to get a preview of messages, phone calls, music and calendar reminders. The Style will ship with BlackBerry 6, a WebKit browser, and integrated social feeds.

Other features of the BlackBerry Style include:

  • 5MP camera with flash, autofocus and support for video recording
  • Available in Royal Purple and Steel Grey colors
  • External high resolution display (240 x 320), internal high resolution display (360 x 400)
  • Dual Band CDMA/EVDO Rev. A; CDMA 800; CDMA 1900
  • Built-in GPS and Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n)
  • 512 MB Flash, microSDHC memory card slot (up to 32 GB)
  • BlackBerry App World pre-loaded
  • BlackBerry 6
  • RSS and social networking feeds

The BlackBerry Style will be available nationally on Oct. 31 for $99.99 (after a $100 mail-in rebate). Starting Tuesday, customers can also reserve the Steel Grey BlackBerry Style at sprint.com/bbstyle to be purchased on October 31. The Royal Purple color will be available in November.

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BlackBerry Clamshell 9670 to be Named BlackBerry Style


blackberry style

It looks like the BlackBerry Clamshell 9670 might be getting branded the BlackBerry Style. Putting the 9670 in the Pearl or Pearl Flip series may have made sense but it looks like RIM is giving the device a new product line of its own. Does that mean we’ll see several iterations of this device? Maybe. It could also just be a one off depending on its success. The BlackBerry Style isn’t the best name and RIM could have chosen any of the following:

BlackBerry Sorta-Stylish
BlackBerry Clam Chowder
BlackBerry Castanet

No? Yes?

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BlackBerry Clamshell 9670 Oxford Specs Leaked in More Internal Slides


blackberry 9670 Oxford

A new clamshell BlackBerry is on the way and we have a few more details about it leaked from some internal slides that have been going around. The device is expected to launch relatively soon with Sprint and the overview slides answer some questions about the upcoming device. The clamshell is said to have the following specs:

  • CDMA
  • 5MP Camera
  • 240×320 external display
  • 360×400 internal display
  • Trackpad

There is probably a lot of market research from Sprint that says customers are looking for a clamshell BlackBerry. The same demographic that bought the Pearl Flip is probably going to love the 9670 Oxford.

Would you pick up this device?

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BlackBerry Clamshell 9670 Simulator Leaked Online


blackberry clamshell simulator

If you’re a developer working on an app for the Clamshell 9670, you can get early access to a simulator leaked online. This device simulator is running so you’ll be working with the latest. That being said, this is not official RIM software so there could be bugs and issues that still need fixed.

Download the Clamshell 9670 simulator from the following links:


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Video: BlackBerry 9800 Torch Slider, 9670 Clamshell Oxford and Curve 9300 Kepler


Videos and walkthroughs of the latest upcoming devices from RIM have hit the internet and there are a ton of tidbits worth watching for. Tabbed browsing in OS 5.2, new native apps for the devices and a look at a huge flash memory increase are all cool features worth checking out.

Click through for more info about these devices. The main talking points have been taken from the videos because they’ll likely be taken down soon.
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