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US Cellular Confirms BlackBerry Clamshell 9670 and Bold 9650


US Cellular has confirmed by press release that they will be offering the BlackBerry Bold 9650 in early August and a “BlackBerry flip smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard”. The 9670 looked pretty ugly when pictures first surfaced but the more we see of this device, the better it looks. It looks like Verizon will be the first to offer the device with US Cellular next. There are many Pearl Flip users out there who are looking forward to this upgrade.

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More Leaked Pics of the BlackBerry Clamshell 9670 and BlackBerry Atlas 8980


We’re starting to see more pictures of the upcoming BlackBerry 9670 clamshell, and the BlackBerry Atlas 8980. We know the 9670 has a 5 megapixel camera, but that doesn’t deter from the fact that it might be the ugliest BlackBerry ever produced. It’s fat and looks like it would be very awkward in your pocket. We have been hearing about the Atlas as well, previously known as the 8910, and rumored to be heading to China. This device looks much nicer than the fat blob sitting beside it, and it’s definitely a slick looking modern smartphone. Too bad the 8980 doesn’t have some of that BlackBerry 6 goodness. More pictures after the jump.
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BlackBerryCool Roundup for the Week of April 19th


This was a very exciting week in BlackBerry indeed. Not only have a ton of apps launched this week, likely in preparation for WES 2010, but we’ve seen some awesome advanced screenshots of OS 6, as well as the upcoming clamshell BlackBerry which will feature the latest OS.

In talking with BlackBerryCool readers, the resounding first impressions of the clamshell are “wow, it’s really ugly”. The BlackBerryCool Facebook page has 13 comments on the clamshell article, and only 1 person said they like “flip phones”, not even the clamshell in particular. Regardless of what you might think of the design, some will surely buy it. Considering there is a market for the LG Reveal, RIM will surely have no problem getting some decent numbers.

All of that aside, OS 6 looks awesome. Not only will OS 6 do great things for the general UI and navigation, but the implications for touchscreens is incredible. There are more gestures that will make using a touchscreen even more fun and efficient, and these will go a long way when RIM release some new touchscreen devices.The rumored touchscreen/QWERTY hybrids are going to be even better than imagined with this new OS. Hopefully we’ll have more details from WES.
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BlackBerry 9670 Oxford Clamshell with Full QWERTY Leaked


What a day for leaks! The BlackBerry 9670, a clamshell BlackBerry with OS 6, which seems to be a futuristic looking Pearl Flip, has been leaked online. The BlackBerry clamshell has been rumored to exist for ages, but only in patent form. The problem is that patents are constantly filed for a number of form factors, so there’s no telling which one will actually get manufactured. Well it turns out the 9670 clamshell is a real device and is running some pretty awesome specs.

So far we know the BlackBerry 9670 is a CDMA device with WiFi, a 360×480 display, trackpad, OS 6, microUSB, microSD, and a 5MP camera!

This device looks great but you have to wonder if it will be a success. RIM doesn’t have a great track record with clamshell/flip form factors. Have you ever seen anyone in public rocking a Pearl Flip? It happens very rarely. While we will never truly learn device specific sales because RIM keeps it secret, we can speculate from the fact that many developers avoid the Pearl Flip in porting that it’s probably not a big device sales-wise. Was it the flip form factor or the fact that the Pearl Flip had other deficiencies? It will be interesting to see how this device pans out.

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