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dbrand Launches Vinyl Skins for the BlackBerry Z10 With Interesting Remarks on Size


Yesterday, dbrand, makers of vinyl accessories for mobile devices, launched their dbrand skins for the BlackBerry Z10. The skins are made from textured 3M vinyl and are very affordable at $20 each. Interestingly enough, the BlackBerry Z10, which comes in both White and Black, actually has a size variance between the two models. According to the CEO of dbrand, “the most challenging aspect to skinning the Z10 was when we completed the template using a black device, then realized that the white and black devices had micro-millimeter differences in size.” Rather than compromise quality, the company chose to create two completely separate skins to make sure the fit was just right. Check out the pics and link below.
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BBM Music and BlackBerry Music Gateway Reviewed


We recently got one of the new BlackBerry Gateways in-house to review and it seemed like a good time to talk about BBM Music as well since the two sort of go hand-in-hand. The BlackBerry Gateway product has been out for a while but the latest version has some new features including NFC support so you can “tap to pair”. BBM Music on the other hand, hasn’t really changed much and is probably getting a little side tracked with RIM’s focus on BlackBerry 10.
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Make Your Bold 9900 Incredibly Cute With The Bunny Rabbit Case


The Bold 9900 is a pretty amazing form factor. It’s big like the old Bold 9000 but the keyboard, trackpad and touchscreen give it a modern feel and design. If you want to do something fun with your Bold, why not turn it into a bunny rabbit? It’s the year to #BeBold after all.
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CES 2011: Otterbox Demos Pink Commuter Case for the Torch 9800


YouTube Link

We’re wrapping up our coverage of CES 2011 and a popular company for BlackBerry accessories at the show is Otterbox. Otterbox showed us their pink Commuter Series case for the Torch 9800 which has a decent amount of protection and 10% of the cost goes to the Avon Foundation for Women.

Do you have a case for your Torch? Generally, BlackBerrys are built solid, and dropping them rarely results in serious damage, but a case helps to guarantee your smartphone is safe.

Video courtesy of Nan Palmero.

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Put Your App and BlackBerry Product Ideas on Kickstarter


Kelvin Hulet let us know about a Universal Smartphone Mount project he started on Kickstarter and it got us thinking: why aren’t there more BlackBerry product and app ideas kicking around Kickstarter? There are a quite a few for iPhone but the BlackBerry community doesn’t seem to be interested in Kickstarter.

The BlackBerry community is constantly saying “I wish there was an app for that” and with a little funding you could get your project going. Developers could also take advantage of this service and raise money for an app they’d like to build but can’t find the monetary incentive to create. Have you ever had an idea for a BlackBerry app or product but didn’t have the investment? Try Kickstarter and let BlackBerryCool know. We’ll help you promote it and maybe throw a little cash your way.

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UPDATED: Video Walkthrough of the InPulse “BlackBerry Smartwatch” by Allerta


YouTube link

Mike sent us his video walkthrough of the Allerta InPulse watch which looks pretty decent. The device alerts you of incoming emails, SMS and phone calls. You can also view a history of message notifications to check to see what you missed. The watch seems like it would be really handy for anyone who doesn’t keep their BlackBerry on them in a readily accessible manner. For example, girls who keep their BlackBerry in their purse, could have this watch and not have to dig around in their purse each time they get an alert. If you’re at a conference, you could keep your phone in your laptop bag and only take it out when the watch alerts you of an important call or message. Check out the video and let us know what you think.

Pre-order the InPulse from their site.

Mike sent us Part 2 of his InPulse Smartwatch video. Check it out after the jump.
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