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Preview of BlackBerry Torch Accessories Exclusively from AT&T


blackberry torch cases

AG Findings has let us know that they have four new protective accessories for the BlackBerry Torch called the Glide Rail Technology (GRT) Shell, Premium Leather Pouch, Endo GRT and Endo GRT with holster.

The Glide Rail Technology (GRT) Shell costs $34.99 and is built such that your device is protected but can slide in and out as it was designed to do. The rails use something they call Glide-Tech Resin to ensure smooth operation and prevent scratching when inserting and removing the shell. The GRT Shell also allows complete access to all ports and controls, and includes two interchangeable fronts: Smoked Chrome and Metallic Blue.
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Review: iFrogz Luxe Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9700


The iFrogz Luxe Case is a polycarbonate case available for the BlackBerry Bold 9700, Curve 83XX and Storm 1 9500. The case is really sturdy and feels like it would effectively prevent your BlackBerry from getting any small nicks if dropped. The case does a great job of making sure all the ports and convenience keys are easily accessible and the 9700 keyboard isn’t impeded by any aspect of the case. You probably won’t be able to use a charging dock with the Luxe case, but any accessory that plugs in should be good to go.
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BlackBerryCool Roundup for the Week of June 21st


Yet another week at BlackBerryCool and there are some cool apps, editorials and new clips you should definitely check out. The biggest news this week is probably the shutting down of the popular OS 6 theme by WJD Designs. It’s an interesting news bit because it’s the first we have heard of RIM actively going out and shutting down a theme in a third party sales channel, because it might confuse customers. Would RIM have done this for OS 5 themes? Probably not. The fact that OS 6 is UI and navigation focused, as well as the fact that it isn’t clear what devices it’s being rolled out to, makes this theme particularly sensitive with RIM. Click through after the jump to read more.
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App World 2.0 Press Event Takeaways: Consumer Focus is Paramount


The App World 2.0 press event was special for BlackBerry but it also reinforced how App World was still behind relative to the competition. The most important upgrades offered were long overdue such as credit card account-based billing. The BlackBerry ID account system will make it easier than ever to buy content, and it seemed to hint at greater media channel opportunities down the line to every BlackBerry user on the planet.

What pleased me about the App World 2.0 demonstration was the fluidity and finesse of the navigation. The BlackBerry Messenger-like layout translates into a simple amount of menu options and easy browsing of long lists in the way that BlackBerry pioneered: scrolling down. The new storefront is quickly populated by apps and info by way of improved cashing of App World data. Category switching from side to side makes a lot of sense and I can’t wait until they introduce more categories like gaming.
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Blueant S1 Sun Visor Bluetooth Car Kit with Multipoint Review


I have tried the Blueant S1 Sun Visor for a few months now and I really do enjoy it. Recently, the popular hands-free laws have taken effect in Ontario, making devices such as this much more needed than ever before. The Blueant S1 Sun Visor features:

  • Multipoint: connect 2 phones and answers the one that rings
  • Full DSP noise and echo cancellation
  • Voice dialing (if supported by your phone)
  • Bluetooth 2.0 Headset and Handsfree Profiles
  • Stream music from A2DP Bluetooth phones
  • Operates up to 10 meters from the phone
  • Up to 15 hours talk time; 800 hours standby

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WES 2010: Solutions Showcase Featuring the BlackBerry 9100, 9105 and 9650


I’m here at WES 2010 and as you know two new devices were launched today. RIM has set up a solutions showcase to show off the new devices and accessories, and we’ve got some pictures and impressions to show off.

The Pearl colors and accessories had them looking more like consumer electronics than smartphones. Don’t be fooled though, under the hood of the 91XX series are chipsets and memory of a high-end BlackBerry.

The new Pearl device colors look like some of the cutest devices I have ever seen RIM put out. The red gradient, and magenta colors really stand out among all the colorful leather cases and rubber skins. There’s a new leather case that features a built-in mirror that would go well with any modern purse or bag. Some were just skins while others also integrated hard plastics, not unlike the silver edges around the 9650/9700 series. These hard plastics are specifically placed in the impact zones around the edges of the device. For a company that has released a lot of devices meant to look like fierce sports cars, they have shifted gears and made something totally unexpected: purse-candy.
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