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Introducing the New BlackBerryCool On-Device App SuperStore


The newest version of the BlackBerryCool on-device App Store has launched and it’s officially a SuperStore. The app store features 4 main categories including Apps, Themes, Games and Accessories. With a single click, you can enter the store and see the Deal-of-the-Day, bestsellers, specials, new products, browse by category, and search. This is a huge update as themes and apps are no longer grouped together, making the browsing experience much more enjoyable.

Once you have downloaded the App Store, no need to sort through software depending on your device. The app store automatically detects your device, and only serves you applications available for your model. The BlackBerryCool SuperStore also features, for each product type, a new “top grossing” product list. This means higher-priced products that sell relatively fewer units can earn a spot on the top-sellers lists. Other improvements to the store experience include some major performance enhancements.

Stay tuned because tomorrow morning we announce a HUGE contest to celebrate the official launch of the store.

Download the BlackBerryCool SuperStore for your BlackBerry.

To download the SuperStore OTA, visit http://store.blackberrycool.com/appstore.asp from your Browser.

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Epik Cases Contest Winners Announcement


Thanks everyone for participating in the Epik Cases giveaway contest. We’ve selected 25 lucky winners and they will be contacted by Epik to get shipping information. Remember, if you didn’t win a contest this week, there is always next week. Have a great weekend!
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BlackBerry Cufflinks for the Tuxedo-Wearing BlackBerry User



BlackBerry Cufflinks are a pretty awesome accessory but they would be even more awesome if they were made out of pure platinum. I could see myself wearing these if I was either Jim Balsillie, or a millionaire eBay seller who sold unreleased devices (not like those guys are rich). Fifty dollars for the pair is a little much for a party gag but I’m sure someone is buying. Also, why make it out of 8800s? They should be Storms.

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BlackBerry Presenter Review: A Little Lag and A Lot of Potential



I have the latest accessory from RIM called the BlackBerry Presenter: a means of displaying PowerPoint presentations from your BlackBerry to a projector. The way it works is fairly simple. To get started, you do the following:

  • Download the Presenter app to your BlackBerry.
  • Connect the Presenter to a power outlet.
  • Connect your projector to the Presenter.
  • Pair your BlackBerry to the Presenter.
  • Open a PowerPoint file and in the menu section select “Present”.

After using the device with several different types of PowerPoint presentations, I can say that this accessory had some serious drawbacks, but also more potential than any other accessory RIM has ever made.
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BlackBerry Case Giveaway – Win 1 of 25 Epik Cases!



The good people at Epik Phone Cases are giving away 25 BlackBerry cases to 25 lucky BlackBerry Cool readers. We’ll be selecting people randomly from the comments, but if you leave your Twitter or Blog address in the URL field, your chances of winning will be GREATLY improved. If you want to exponentially improve your chances of winning, tell us a story about dropping your device, or anything about why you’d like an Epik case.
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Grabba Make Magnetic Stripe, RFID and Smartcard Reader for BlackBerry


grabba accessory

Grabba make mobile data collection devices and they have made their readers available for BlackBerry. Grabba’s products include 1D and 2D barcode scanners, magnetic stripe readers, contact and contactless Smartcard read and write, RFID card and tag read and write, and combinations of these technologies in the one unit. The company is announcing that these products are available for the BlackBerry Curve and Bold.

Grabba have provided developers with an SDK for those who want to make software compatible with their readers.

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