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Police officer crashes his car while checking his BlackBerry



This isn’t really much of a BlackBerry news piece but it’s still funny. A police officer crashed his car while using his BlackBerry.

The police chief of the south Seattle suburb of Federal Way has issued a public apology for a minor traffic accident that happened while he was checking his BlackBerry in his unmarked police car.

The city summed it up Thursday in a news release that began “Federal Way Police Chief Brian Wilson is mortified.” Apparently Wilson stopped for a red light on March 18 and glanced down at his BlackBerry to view newspaper headlines and e-mails. He then took his foot off the brake and collided with the car in front of him.

The Seattle Times reports no one was injured and the cars weren’t damaged. Still, City Manager Neal Beets gave Wilson a verbal reprimand. The police chief says he takes full responsibility.

It seems the police can’t even help their BlackBerry addiction!



Nan Palmero’s Power Cake


Nan the Power User

Nan Palmero, the man behind our recent Nan the Power User editorial series, just got married. While on his honeymoon, Nan took the time to email me a photo of his wedding cake, which should bring a tear to the eye of every member of the BlackBerry Nation. It seems that for his wedding, Nan wanted to do something special to honor his better half — the Sprint BlackBerry 8830.

Post a comment and wish Nan the Power User well on his honeymoon! No, I don’t know how he convinced her, either.

|Image via Anne Marie photography|


‘Why are you thankful for your BlackBerry?’ (Weekly Contest)


BlackBerry Cool Weekly Contest

Maybe it’s because we’re in a holiday mood right now (and stuffed with, well.. stuffing and gravy), or maybe it’s because last week we asked for BlackBerry criticism and want to show the other side of the coin.

Regardless of motive, we want you to write a love letter to RIM and your BlackBerry. Tell us why you can’t live without your BlackBerry. Tell us how it’s better than all other smartphones out there. Tell us about the time your BlackBerry saved your life/job/marriage. Or maybe you can tell us how excited you are for the 13 million (approximate number) new BlackBerrys coming out this holiday season. The person that can best show how grateful they are for their BlackBerry will win a FREE OTTERBOX DEFENDER SERIES BLACKBERRY CASE to better protect their prized possession.

Last Week’s Weekly Contest Winners

Magmic VP Phil Giroux talks BlackBerry Addiction


phil giroux

In case you missed it, local Ottawa A-list celebrity and local A-list BlackBerry game developer Magmic‘s VP of Business Development, Phil Giroux, was interviewed by CBC National Radio a few weeks ago about BlackBerry addiction.

Although the interview is brief and mostly an excuse for the uninformed interviewer to play sound bites, it’s worth checking out to hear Phil deftly respond to dumb questions with comedic gold. Oh, he also discusses sharing drinks with RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie and whether or not it’s polite to pull out your BlackBerry during a meeting with RIM. Enjoy.

Phil Giroux CBC Interview

87% of smartphone users sleep with their BlackBerry


Sleeping Lady

After eating, sleeping and showering with my BlackBerry Bold while in San Francisco for CTIA, this news isn’t much of a surprise. A new survey by Sheraton Hotels indicates 87% of smartphone users bring the devices into their bedrooms, and 84% check them before going to bed and as soon as they wake up.

While one may chalk these statistics up to the growing number of people who use their as their primary timekeeping device (thank you, Bedside Mode), the omnipresence of BlackBerrys in our life can be startling.

Eighty-five percent of business travelers say they sneak a quick peek at their personal digital assistants if they happen to wake in the middle of the night, and 80 percent check their e-mail before they’ve had their morning coffee, the new study by Sheraton Hotels found.

More than a third of those surveyed – 35 percent – said if forced to make a choice, they’d stick with their PDA over their spouse, and 62 percent said that they love their little high-tech companions.

Does this survey represent the average BlackBerry user? The survey questioned 6,500 professionals who make more than $50,000 a year, take two or more annual business trips and have a BlackBerry or mobile e-mail device. Post a comment and let us know if you fall into that demographic, and where you take your BlackBerry.

(via New York Post)


BlackBerry users: where do you check your email?


ToiletHere’s a fun little Friday study coming to us via AOL (thanks, BG) that breaks down just exactly where the BlackBerry nation is checking their emails. To the average user, the list won’t seem illicit, but it does prove that there’s really no place we feel uncomfortable using our BlackBerrys nowadays. I personally check my email while brushing my teeth, but hey, that’s just more uptime, right?

* 59% of Americans check their email in bed
* 53% of Americans have checked their email in the bathroom
* 37% of Americans check their email while they drive
* 43% check email first thing in the morning
* 83% check email while on vacation
* Average users check their email at least 5 times a day

Almost as interesting is the statistic that says that women are more likely to describe themselves as addicted to email than men (16% vs. 13%), and actually spend 15 minutes more per day on email than men. So that’s why they take longer in the bathroom!

Check out the 10 most email-addicted cities in the US.