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Nan Palmero’s Power Cake


Nan the Power User

Nan Palmero, the man behind our recent Nan the Power User editorial series, just got married. While on his honeymoon, Nan took the time to email me a photo of his wedding cake, which should bring a tear to the eye of every member of the BlackBerry Nation. It seems that for his wedding, Nan wanted to do something special to honor his better half — the Sprint BlackBerry 8830.

Post a comment and wish Nan the Power User well on his honeymoon! No, I don’t know how he convinced her, either.

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BlackBerry certification is now a must


rim blackberry graduation

A BlackBerry Cool reader just passed me along an interesting article from IT Career Planet on BlackBerry certification. If you remember, waaaay back in May RIM launched the BlackBerry Certification program as a means of empirically validating the skills of a company’s IT department in supporting BlackBerry. According to IT Career Planet, RIM’s certification program is now longer a novelty or a good angle for getting a raise, but a must for any IT professional.

An early adopter of Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Smartphone, Salt River Project, one of Arizona’s largest utility companies, today supports 1,600 devices and adds 30 new accounts monthly. The company has about 5,000 employees. It’s no surprise to learn that Salt River Project is rallying around RIM’s recently introduced BlackBerry certification programs.

“When we hire, we’ll definitely require that the job candidate is BlackBerry certified,” says Alex Logvin, enterprise messaging analyst at Salt River Project, Phoenix, Ariz.

I know a lot of IT and BES admins read BlackBerry Cool, so please weigh in. Is the BlackBerry Certification a novelty or a necessity for any enterprise serious about mobile IT? You can see a list of RIM’s current and upcoming certification programs after the jump.

(via IT Career Planet)

BlackBerry Certification Programs

“BlackBerry Back” to be the latest techno-affliction?


Everyone’s heard of “BlackBerry Thumb” at this point, but your hands aren’t the only thing left to suffer for your BlackBerry addiction – apparently continual usage has some consequences on posture. Medical researchers are trying to pin down exactly what chronic texting does to our hunched shoulders and bent backs.

“There’s a strong possibility there is a problem, but we don’t know,” [Richard Wells, a kinesiology professor at the University of Waterloo,] says. Anecdotal reports aren’t proof, but, he says, they are “a useful trigger to say, ‘Let’s have a closer look at this.’ … We certainly hear the stories about it,” says Ben Amick, scientific director of the Toronto-based Institute for Work & Health and Dr. Wells’s research partner. … We’re asking, what is the distribution of muscular-skeletal problems in people who use hand-held devices? …We’ll know more in a year.”

We’ve talked to some medical experts about what BlackBerry use does to our hands and to our eyes on the BBCool Podcast, so we’re sure interested seeing what results from these latest studies.

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Vacation spots for BlackBerry detox


Alton TowersWe’ve heard about folks bringing their mobiles with them on vacation, but if you can’t trust yourself to unplug during extended off-time, there are more than a few tourist destinations that are offering to take away not only your BlackBerry while you enjoy your stay. They don’t stop at BlackBerrys, either – many don’t offer phones, TVs or WiFi. Sounds harsh, but let’s face it, some of us could certainly use the help. A few of the electronics-free zones include Alton Towers in Straffordshire, Arawak Beach Inn in Anguilla, Kona Village Resort in Hawaii, and Little Palm Island in the Florida keys.

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Workers still check BlackBerrys on holidays


BlackBerry Bold as a ball and chain

A recent study of bank employees by Credant Technologies showed that a staggering 83% will be taking their BlackBerrys and mobiles with them on holiday, a third will be bringing their laptop, and a quarter would check their e-mail. In a lot of workplaces, this kind of mentality is certainly the norm, but wouldn’t it be nice to de-shackle the old ball and chain once in awhile? More progressive employers, like the Immigration Canada, are trying to cut down on BlackBerry burnout, but that’s apparently the exception rather than the rule. Summer’s here guys – who’s going to be checking their work e-mail while they’re at the cottage?


DDB Canada cracks down on BlackBerry rudeness


A referee issuing a yellow cardBlogger Judy Mottl has written about the BlackBerry obsession in Canada, which has gotten so bad that the Deputy Minister for Citizenship and Immigration Canada ministry had banned their use between 7 PM and 7 AM. He also banned their use during meetings, a growing concern amongst many professions. Now a company called DDB Canada has taken it one step further. Calling it a “personal digital assistant pandemic,” CEO Frank Palmer has issued a very creative ban on using BlackBerrys during meetings. Anyone caught is issued a yellow card by a fellow employee. If they’re caught again, and are already carrying a yellow card, they’re given a red card and they have to pay their own monthly bill. Quite a deterrent, especially considering the data plan pricing up north.