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The Great British Bedtime survey


Separate bedsThe Sleep Council conducted a survey of the British populace to determine sleeping habits, with some surprising results. 22% set the alarm on their BlackBerry or mobile phone before slipping under the sheets between 10 and 11, but 40% of couples said they didn’t go to sleep at the same time and a full quarter said they regularly sleep completely separately. This might have something to do with the 1 in 3 who send and receive text messages or emails in bed, or the 1 in 5 who surf the web, listen to music, or play games. 22% charge up their phone before bed compared to only 10% who offer nightly prayers. My only question is how much the 9% of couple who always sleep separately includes the 1% of men who apparently wear a nightie to bed…

BlackBerry overuse lowers productivity?


BlackBerry thumbThe CBS Sunday Edition podcast had an episode on the subject of BlackBerry overuse (which you can listen to via iTunes — it is the episode from February 24th) with Carleton University professor Linda Duxbury. They talk about the potential for rude uses like checking email during a meeting or other conversation, and Minister Fadden’s moratorium on at-home BlackBerry use. According to Professor Duxbury, the impulse to obsess over your BlackBerry even while off the clock has actually caused an increase in hours worked per week, from 47 hours to a staggering 71. All in all, it’s a very interesting segment. The BlackBerry portion of the show starts at 4:20.

New treatment for BlackBerry thumb


XtensorThe Xtensor is a new contraption aiming to rehabilitate chronic gamers, golfers and BlackBerry users through the clever use of elastic bands. By extending and retracting fingers, the user works all the forearm muscles related to BlackBerry thumb, and at $39.00, it’s about as cheap as do-it-yourself physiotherapy’s going to get. If you’re looking for some more sporty BlackBerry handwear, you might want to check these out. Thanks Josep!

BlackBerry users: where do you check your email?


ToiletHere’s a fun little Friday study coming to us via AOL (thanks, BG) that breaks down just exactly where the BlackBerry nation is checking their emails. To the average user, the list won’t seem illicit, but it does prove that there’s really no place we feel uncomfortable using our BlackBerrys nowadays. I personally check my email while brushing my teeth, but hey, that’s just more uptime, right?

* 59% of Americans check their email in bed
* 53% of Americans have checked their email in the bathroom
* 37% of Americans check their email while they drive
* 43% check email first thing in the morning
* 83% check email while on vacation
* Average users check their email at least 5 times a day

Almost as interesting is the statistic that says that women are more likely to describe themselves as addicted to email than men (16% vs. 13%), and actually spend 15 minutes more per day on email than men. So that’s why they take longer in the bathroom!

Check out the 10 most email-addicted cities in the US.

RIM gets high-tech, uses LEGOs


LEGO Machine

Here’s a little fun Friday goodness for you. We were tipped off to an article today about Matthias Wandel, an engineer at RIM who came up with an inventive low-tech solution to a high-tech problem back in the day.

It seems as though Matthias was testing the 900MHz reception of the old RIM 950 (we’re talking pre-BlackBerry here, folks), which varies by angle and orientation. The Solution? Build a LEGO machine to do the work for you.

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BlackBerry’s sky high reception



Literally, my friends. Literally. Thanks to our new pal Chris Thomas and his Pour Out blog for this tidbit. On a flight back to his homebase, Chris was probably checking his ‘Berry for the 254th out of 357 times on the plane when he noticed that his device was getting a solid reception signal – at 37,000 feet! Chris says that sure, there’s no way you can tell from the shot that he’s in the air, but we agree with his retort – who would make this up? Thanks, Mr. T.