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Rove Announce BlackBerry Alliance Elite Membership


Rove have announced that they are now BlackBerry Alliance Elite Members. Rove’s flagship product is Mobile Admin, which allows IT administrators to resolve incidents, reduce downtime and improve customer service, all from their BlackBerry. Mobile Admin has over 2800 customers worldwide, including more than 80 Fortune 500 companies and five of the world’s 15 largest banks.

Rove also re-released their Mobile SSH client, which allows users to interact with their Unix, Linux and IBM hosts via Telnet and Secure Shell. The app is currently available for download in BlackBerry App World.

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Congratulations winners of the BlackBerry Alliance EMEA Innovation Awards



Over the Thanksgiving holidays RIM held the BlackBerry Alliance Program’s EMEA Innovations Awards. The awards are in their 2nd year and showcase companies innovating in the BlackBerry space. Congratulations to all the companies who won, and those participated.

Life On BlackBerry

Poynt took the award for Life On BlackBerry with their all-in-one local search service. If you’re looking for a good restaurant, movie to watch or just see what’s in your local area, Poynt is your app. Coming soon to Poynt are gas and weather updates.

Entertainment On BlackBerry

The 7Digital app took home the Entertainment On BlackBerry category with their DRM-free music service.

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RIM launches the new BlackBerry Alliance Program


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The new BlackBerry Alliance Program has launched, eight years after the first iteration of the program. The newest addition to the Alliance Program is a paid tiered member system with a rewards program to encourage participation. The new point system offers members points in exchange for being active in the program and members are then rewarded with greater access to RIM tools and resources.

According to RIM, the new program offers your organization:

  • Choice and Flexibility. The biggest change with the Alliance Program is the introduction of a tiered membership structure. There will be 4 tiers which are differentiated through specific BlackBerry Alliance Program Requirements and accessibility to specific Program Benefits. The BlackBerry Alliance Program Requirements will be tracked through a measurable points system. The new program structure allows you to choose the program tier that best aligns with your business objectives and requirements from membership with the BlackBerry Alliance Program.
  • Uniformity. Under the existing structure, members are grouped based on the type of BlackBerry applications and/or services their organization provides. Moving to a tiered structure, the new program will deliver a more unified approach and experience. Overall the program becomes more streamlined, effective and efficient for our members.
  • Transparency. Using a BlackBerry Alliance Program Requirements tracking system, we have the ability to measure our members’ performance across a variety of areas including: Sales and revenue, customer references, marketing initiatives, programs and competencies. When members are provided with a clear outline of the performance requirements by tier, they gain an understanding of how to become successful in the BlackBerry Alliance Program, and how to access additional benefits and resources that help drive their businesses.
  • Improved Member Experience. With the introduction of a new portal technology, members will benefit from an enhanced user experience to access the relevant information and programs that align with their program tier. Members have a centralized resource that allows them to easily view and monitor their membership status, progress and participation in the program. The portal connects members to technical, marketing, sales and certification benefits including networking programs with other Alliance members and supporting BlackBerry resources.

One of the interesting points of this program is how points are awarded. It seems that the program is geared towards larger organizations as a company can easily accrue a large number of points for simply having a larger organization upon registration. It will be interesting to see how many Alliance Members actually attain the point goals set by the program and how difficult it will be for members to increase the number of points they are earning relative to previous quarters.

While RIM has launched the new BlackBerry Alliance Program, it seems as though it isn’t yet official. The site is rumored to be located at BlackBerryAlliance.com but this URL still redirects to partners.blackberry.com/web/guest. This is reminiscent of the sort of domain restructuring that went on before Inside BlackBerry launched.