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BlackBerry App World 2.0 Expectations High Post WWDC


It looks like RIM is announcing App World 2.0 on June 16th, as they’ve sent out invitations to a press event where they’re showing “what’s new in BlackBerry App World”. We’re not sure exactly what they’ll be announcing, but RIM is fairly predictable in its announcement strategy. The general approach is tell you what they’re going to announce and then 10 months or so later have an event where they say “we said we would deliver X and here it is.”

So what did they say will arrive for App World 2.0? Here is what we’re expecting:

  • Credit card billing
  • Carrier billing
  • Preload on all OS 5 devices and higher
  • WiFi downloads
  • Desktop catalog to mirror on-device App World
  • Microtransactions for games, premium video content etc.
  • More account management options and search improvements
  • Greater number of enterprise apps in the catalog (new category perhaps)
  • Free and Paid catalogs in all countries App World currently supports

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