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BlackBerry App World to Receive an “Update All” Feature – Would You Use It?


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An “Update All” feature would be interesting for App World as it would allow you to update all your applications with a single click. Currently, you can do this by plugging in your device to your computer by USB, but the over-the-air version would allow you to do it on the go. The only problem with this feature is that App World still cripples your device when you update an application. A single app update leaves the clock on your homescreen spinning and one can only imagine what would happen if the device had to update 10 applications at once.

This upcoming feature comes in a somewhat rumor form from MobileMonday in Toronto.

Learn More About Some of the Developers Submitting to App World


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We’re always curious which developers are submitting a portfolio of apps to App World. In this case, we’re more concerned with apps such as a game, utility or IM client, and much less so an eBook, audio book or theme. It’s a difficult process to compile a list of popular developers because there isn’t a good way of sorting through the data to find who has submitted a large portfolio of apps. In order to do this, we’re simply starting with the developers we’re familiar with through BlackBerryCool, and doing a little searching on the side. This article will get better as more people comment their findings too, so feel free to comment the developer’s vendor page with the number of apps they’ve submitted and we’ll add them to the list. Click through to read about some interesting developers.
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Prediction: Eventually All Applications Will be Free


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The app economy is growing at a pretty tremendous rate and one of the major innovations in the space is in-app purchasing. With in-app purchasing, users are downloading the apps for free, and purchasing upgrades or new features to the app. There’s a lot of cool stuff you can do with in-app purchasing like buy new levels in a game, buy virtual currencies or credits, or upgrade the app in a free-trial sense.

With in-app purchasing, developers will see far more downloads because there is no barrier to entry. With a free app, users can download the app and see whether it’s worth purchasing. Since there are far more opportunities to monetize the app, and users can choose what they want to pay for rather than put the money upfront, there will be more money spent and more satisfied users. We’re seeing a lot of growth with in-app purchases and my prediction is that this strategy is so successful, we’ll soon see the end of paid apps entirely.
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Featured App Icons in App World Replaced With BlackBerry Icons


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Checking out App World it seems like RIM has replaced a lot of the featured app’s icons in the App World carousel with a BlackBerry icon. It’s not clear why this has happened but the problem has persisted for a few hours now. Even after exiting and restarting App World, the problem persists. It’s a real shame when something like this happens because developers only get 1 week of being featured and the icon is an important marketing tool.

If you think RIM should offer all the developers another week of being featured say “aye!”.

Download Statistics and Other Recent Figures Surrounding App World


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It’s interesting to see how BlackBerry App World has been progressing over the past year or so. Currently, App World is doing over 3 million app downloads per day, which is a pretty awesome number and shows some significant growth.

There is also some cool data coming out of the BlackBerry Developer Days including the fact that 49% of paid apps are from BlackBerry OS 5.0 users while 41% are from BlackBerry 6.0 users. Considering there are far fewer OS 6 devices on the market (apparently only 10% of devices), this tells us that OS 6 users are probably much more inclined to purchase apps and therefore if you’re a developer, it’s crucial for you to target this OS. In terms of distribution, there are apparently 580 carriers around the world carrying BlackBerry. This means localization is also a must.

We’ll be getting more more info and statistics with the upcoming Developer Days. We’ll also be reporting from the Developer Day in Toronto. See you there!

RIM Makes First Move on Pulling Red Light and Speed Trap Apps


As far as we can tell, App World is the first app storefront to pull apps that “encourage drunk driving”. The problem is that these apps aren’t targeted to promoting drunk driving, but rather bill themselves as apps to avoid speed traps and red light cameras (not necessarily a good thing to promote avoiding). It’s an interesting situation. On the one hand, you don’t want to promote apps that encourage reckless endangerment, but on the other hand, these apps can be used responsibly, reminding you to be cautious and check your speed.
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