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BlackBerryCool Roundup for the Week of March 29th


The biggest news this week is definitely the relaunch of our mobile app store. The mobile site is greatly improved, and the on device app store has gone version 2.0. With the new on-device app store, you can browse apps, themes, games and accessories, which are all nicely grouped making the experience smoother. To promote the new app store launch, mobihand have a great contest where they’re giving away a 32GB WiFi iPad and some apps. Scroll down to the Contests section of this week’s roundup for more details.
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The BlackBerry Cool Deal of the Day – 50% off great BlackBerry Software


deal of the day

Starting today, you can find the Deal of the Day in the BlackBerry Cool Store.

To ring in this cool new feature, we’ve selected 10 outstanding products for the first 10 days. BlackBerry Cool readers will have the opportunity to buy a great app or theme – that day’s designated deal – at a 50% discount from either the new Desktop module or through the existing On Device App Store module.

The first set of Deal-of-the-Day offers include games/entertainment apps, themes, apps for improving personal productivity and performance enhancers for the BlackBerry. So there’s going to be something for everyone.

The First Deal of the Day

HD FutureX by Hedone Designs, is an innovative theme that tackles how to get more than 10 buttons on the home screen while still being wallpaper friendly. At first glance, you’ll see wallpaper displaying a blue sky and wheat-colored field. Hidden in the lower part of the screen are three boxes that each contain a hidden dock holding customizable icons. Hedone describes these as “15 in 3″ buttons. All of you need to know that this “natureful” theme is also quite functional and should be a welcome addition to any BlackBerry.

Normal Price is $6.99. Deal of Day price is just $3.50.

BlackBerry Application Storefront — Everything Developers Need to Know


BlackBerry Developer Newsletter

When BlackBerry Cool broke the news earlier this week that RIM was accepting submissions for the BlackBerry Application Storefront, we were really excited. It was the first step towards bringing more application goodness to our BlackBerrys. But the call for submissions really generated more questions about the Storefront than it answered. Thankfully, RIM’s crack Developer Support Team (lead by Guru Mike Kirkup) ignored my recommendation to take today off, and have provided everything developers need to know about the BlackBerry Application Storefront in the latest edition of the BlackBerry Developer Newsletter.

This edition of the BlackBerry Developer Newsletter is centered upon the Open Mike with Mike Kirkup Podcast, which discusses the key aspects of the BAS from a Developer Perpspective. While I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you listen to the podcast in full — there will be a test later — I’ve co-opted CBKevin’s crib notes for those that just can’t wait.

Developers: What you need to know about the BlackBerry Application Storefront

    * The store front is OPEN to developers. You can start submitting apps now.
    * App storefront will deploy applications via its own mechanism – there will be an on device client that will allow end users to browse, buy and download apps directly. Developers just need to focus on building awesome apps!
    * Users will be able to write reviews (I’m guessing rating and other expected functions like that will be in there as well)
    * The App Store will initially be rolled out in English only to North America and UK markets. More language/geographic support coming down the road.
    * App Store will support OS version 4.2.1 software and higher on trackball and touchscreen devices (sorry trackwheel users – time to upgrade!)

Getting your apps into the app storefront:

    o 1. Signup as a Vendor
    o 2. Suitability test – RIM does an initial check to make sure your app has appropriate/suitable content and that the app meets basic quality standards
    o 3. Smoke test – RIM tests the app to make sure it meets the high quality standards that people have come to expect

But don’t think that’s all to this month’s BlackBerry Developer Newsletter. After the jump you’ll find links to key developer resources to the BlackBerry Nation will have the best software possible when the BAS launches. Don’t forget to SIGN UP FOR THE BLACKBERRY DEVELOPMENT NEWSLETTER, so you’re not the last to know about the latest in BlackBerry Development!

BlackBerry Developer Key Resource Links

RIM now taking BlackBerry Application Store submissions


Big news for those of you waiting for RIM’s answer to the iPhone application store. RIM has sent out a message to all registered BlackBerry developers that they are now accepting application submissions for the BlackBerry Application Storefront. Note that this doesn’t mean the Application Storefront is right around the corner, but that RIM is planning to launch it with a large mass of software.

Developers can hit the link below to learn about the submission process and sign up. As you’re submitting your applications for the BlackBerry Application Storefront, please post a comment and let us know how it stacks up to Apple’s notoriously painful process. Do you like the setup? How long does it take to get approved? Whatever you have to say, we want to know.

BlackBerry Application Storefront