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RIM Missing Social App Promotion Opportunity for BlackBerry Developers


RIM has done an incredible job embracing social media. The @blackberry Twitter account has over 1 million followers and there’s a network of blogs providing the community with relevant news, tips and updates. The social media team seems mostly focused on providing information that’s based around BlackBerry hardware, but it’s really missing an opportunity to promote developers and the people who are going to make this platform succeed.
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BlackBerry 101 Tip: Scan QR Barcodes Directly From BlackBerry App World Options


Here’s a tip you may or may not have known, if you’re the type to scan QR codes whenever you see them, you can do it from BlackBerry App World. Back in the day, you used to be able to use BBM for scanning barcodes, but that disappeared for some reason. Well if you have the latest version of App World (not sure when exactly this feature showed up), you can scan barcodes from the app. No need for third party software.
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Show Off Your Awesome New BBM Profile With Animated Avatar by Mblware


One of the awesome features of the latest version of BBM is that you can use animated avatars. With Avatar Animator, a new app by mblware, you can get your own animated avatar for BBM. GIFs are a great way to express yourself and since there are very specific guidelines when using an animated GIF in your BBM profile, Avatar Animator scales animations to the proper specs. With Avatar Animator, you can set everything up quickly and easily. It may even work for Twitter (we have yet to test).
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Runtastic App Updated with New User Interface and Huge Performance Improvements


Runtastic has been making the news a lot lately with its recent move into the hardware space. The company has a suite of fitness applications for BlackBerry and iOS and with the hardware business, it will become a well-rounded fitness company. Runtastic has recently updated its BlackBerry app too. The app now features a new design as well as increased accuracy in its location services. The new Runtastic app is much more user friendly and all around a solid app.
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Bplay Goes Version 2.0 with International Pay-by-Mobile Options and More


bplay 2

Bplay has undergone a massive overhaul in what they’re calling version 2.0 (actually the site has been around for so long you could say it’s version 6.0). The site is looking much better and comes with a great deal more functionality. New features include:

  • International coverage for pay-by-mobile options! Our customers are on BlackBerry devices all around the globe, so now we’ve made it easier to bill your purchases to your phone in over 30 countries worldwide, with more countries being added all the time. No credit card? No problem!
  • Simplified checkout and default payment options! Enter your billing preferences once, with no need to change them until you want to, so grabbing the latest theme or a new app takes only a moment.
  • Enhanced device and OS detection! This launch includes our super cool device detector, which lets you quickly scan a QR code from our desktop site to tailor your shopping experience to your particular BlackBerry model and OS. Yes, we now support multiple OS versions on the same handset (hello upgraded 9700s and 9800s!).
  • A cleaner and faster mobile experience, re-designed from the ground up for modern mobile browsers
  • Tons of account management tools and easy access to your download links

Bplay is also aligning itself more with the developer requirements for App World, in the sense that they’re making it just as easy, if not more easy, to upload your app to Bplay. So if you have an app and you’d like to create a new revenue stream, ping them and submit. You’ve got nothing to lose and more revenue to potentially generate.

Check out the new Bplay.com for yourself.

The Arduous Task of Monitoring Your Portfolio in App World


App World

For BlackBerry Theme and App developers, it’s important to check your download/sales reports, and figure out how your product is doing in App World. Ideally, you’re meant to learn more about what sells and how best to tailor your product(s) to fit what users are demanding. A good strategy to success in App World is to have a large portfolio of apps or themes, but as your portfolio increases, it becomes more difficult to manage all of these apps/themes. Here is a typical example of how a developer, with many products in his/her portfolio, would find managing these products given the current features of the App World vendor portal.
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