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Dell Opens App Store and Sells Apps for Unreleased BlackBerry Pluto 9900


dell app store

Dell has opened their own app store and they’re selling apps for not only BlackBerry, but Windows Mobile, Symbian and WebOS. The storefront is powered by PocketGear, the company that acquired Mobihand’s competition Handango. Generally, the apps are priced a little higher than Mobihand and there isn’t nearly as much content. Dell has their own smartphone, the Streak, and it makes sense for them to have their own app storefront as every other manufacturer seems to be doing these days.

While it’s surely just a mistake on the part of PocketGear who put the content management system together, the Dell App Store is selling apps for the BlackBerry Pluto 9900. Now if only they were selling the actual device…

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BlackBerryCool Roundup for the Week of June 21st


Yet another week at BlackBerryCool and there are some cool apps, editorials and new clips you should definitely check out. The biggest news this week is probably the shutting down of the popular OS 6 theme by WJD Designs. It’s an interesting news bit because it’s the first we have heard of RIM actively going out and shutting down a theme in a third party sales channel, because it might confuse customers. Would RIM have done this for OS 5 themes? Probably not. The fact that OS 6 is UI and navigation focused, as well as the fact that it isn’t clear what devices it’s being rolled out to, makes this theme particularly sensitive with RIM. Click through after the jump to read more.
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Comparing Smartphone App Launches Between iPhone and BlackBerry


After discussing the developer ecosystem internally, as well as with some industry players, the conversation naturally progressed to app launches for the various smartphone platforms out there. While previously we discussed the ecosystem as it pertains to the business side, what about how all of this affects the end user? The easiest way to measure this is how soon do we get the apps we want, relative to other smartphone users, and what feature sets do they come with?

BlackBerry offers the potential for all applications to be, in many ways, better than for other smartphones. Integration through APIs, the added value of push technology, and unique social networking opportunities through BBM, should make BlackBerry the first smartphone that developers think about when building a compelling smartphone app. Also, App World has demonstrated that BlackBerry users have a much higher tolerance for price, and are willing to pay significantly more for applications. But as users we know this doesn’t result in bringing developers to our doorstep. Take a series of examplesof popular applications that almost every BlackBerry user would want, but for one reason or another could not get until well after another smartphone, usually the iPhone, got it first.
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Introducing the New BlackBerryCool On-Device App SuperStore


The newest version of the BlackBerryCool on-device App Store has launched and it’s officially a SuperStore. The app store features 4 main categories including Apps, Themes, Games and Accessories. With a single click, you can enter the store and see the Deal-of-the-Day, bestsellers, specials, new products, browse by category, and search. This is a huge update as themes and apps are no longer grouped together, making the browsing experience much more enjoyable.

Once you have downloaded the App Store, no need to sort through software depending on your device. The app store automatically detects your device, and only serves you applications available for your model. The BlackBerryCool SuperStore also features, for each product type, a new “top grossing” product list. This means higher-priced products that sell relatively fewer units can earn a spot on the top-sellers lists. Other improvements to the store experience include some major performance enhancements.

Stay tuned because tomorrow morning we announce a HUGE contest to celebrate the official launch of the store.

Download the BlackBerryCool SuperStore for your BlackBerry.

To download the SuperStore OTA, visit http://store.blackberrycool.com/appstore.asp from your Browser.

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Motally analytics have big implications for BlackBerry apps



Motally provides analytics for mobile web sites and applications, making it somewhat like Google Analytics for mobile devices. The service applies to both web and applications, but the implications for apps is most impressive. The service lets customers track their users’ demographics or watch whether users complete certain actions within the app.

With Motally, you get the following additional analytics regarding your application:

  • Flexible API for endless tracking possibilities.
  • Track specific event types for more granular reporting.
  • Capture demographic data.
  • Control what, when, and how to send tracking events.
  • Supports iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

With analytics about your users, you can better design user interfaces, streamline the application for what your users require, as well as find new uses for your application derived from user interactions you may not have anticipated.

Motally offers both a community and an enterprise version of their service. See their site for more details.

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BlackBerry apps at great discounts from SHAPE Services



SHAPE Services’ has arranged a fantastic promotion for their most expensive BlackBerry apps. From now through May 1st, all SHAPE Services’ BlackBerry apps which are priced more than $19.99 will be discounted to exactly $19.99. That represents a savings of up to 60% (or $30). This is a fantastic deal for your customers who usually pay $49.95 for top-rated products like IM+: All-in-One Messenger and RDM+: Remote Desktop for Mobiles and $29.95 for products like Mobiscope.

In all there’s 7 products on sale, but check out all 19 of SHAPE Services’ products for BlackBerry.

Remember this special pricing ends May 1st!
Click through to see all the discounted SHAPE Services software