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BlackBerry Balance Gives Developers A Million More Customers


There’s a component of BlackBerry Balance that isn’t really being talked about but is very relevant to developers: the fact that Government and Enterprise now have access to consumer apps and games. RIM has something like a million government BlackBerrys in circulation in North America and they’re currently locked out of downloading apps and games. With BlackBerry Balance, these BlackBerrys will be first provisioned as consumer devices, with Balance creating a separate instance for Enterprise, allowing any Balance user to switch to their personal side of Balance and buy/download anything they want.
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BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Client for iOS and Android Launches


RIM’s multiplatform smartphone management tool for enterprise: BlackBerry Mobile Fusion has launched on both the iOS App Store and Android Play. With its web interface, you can audit, provision, and protect a diverse mobile deployment.
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BlackBerry Bold 9650 OS with Change Log


bold 9650

We haven’t written about a BlackBerry OS update in some time and the news seems a little lame considering what is on the horizon (OS 7 and QNX OS). Nonetheless, it’s cool that carriers such as Verizon have started, and will hopefully continue, to provide changelogs along with the OS update. One of the more interesting updates includes support for BlackBerry Balance. This allows you to securely separate your business and personal data, applications and information.

To download the latest version of the Bold 9650 OS, use this link.

Hit the jump for the changelog.
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More Details on Upcoming BES 5.0.3’s BlackBerry Balance Features


blackberry balanceblackberry balance

Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about BlackBerry Balance, especially from Jim Balsillie who mentioned it on the quarterly earnings call. With the 5.03 update to BES, we’re expecting some pretty cool features from RIM that will allow employees to “balance” their work life from the personal life on their device.
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