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OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000, Curve 8900 and 8520



For all those looking for the latest OS 5 build for their device, bbleaks spotted OS for the Bold 9000, Curve 8900 and Curve 8520.

Download OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000

Download OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8900

Download OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8520

Remember, if the links die, be a friend and comment a new mirror link. They pop in the forums constantly.

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Testing the 3G, 2G and WiFi download speeds on the Bold 9000



Counting the main differences between all the BlackBerry models can be done on one hand. Screen resolution, processing speed, form factor, input, and network speed. Choosing which one is right for you is usually a pretty simple affair. If a device in the lineup doesn’t immediately call out to you as being an obvious fit, you’ve got to become more critical about the details of how you want your device to perform.

One of the bigger deciding factors is raw transmission speed. How fast can you download big emails? How quickly can you send out mission-critical data? How fast can I surf the web? It seems to be the most important factor, with the least amount of clear explanations and data to back up claims.

There is so much vague talk when it comes to the difference between 3G and 2G, while WiFi is unfairly absent in the speed breakdown.
Click through to read the results of a speed test on the Bold 9000 using 2G, WiFi and 3G

Alfa launch the BlackBerry Bold and Curve 8900 in Lebanon


BlackBerry Curve 8900 and Bold 9000

Miguel over at lablackberry sent in a tip that the carrier Alfa has launched the Bold 9000 and Curve 8900 in Lebanon. Back in January, RIM announced that the Bold 9000 and the Curve 8320 had been launched by EMS and MTC Touch in Lebanon. Good news for the Lebanese. Time to go pick up a new device, YALLA YALLA!

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OS 5 for the BlackBerry Bold 9000, Curve 8520 and Curve 8900



A host of OS 5 leaks have recently hit the Internet and we now have download links for the Bold 9000, Curve 8520 and Curve 8900. If the links are broken, and you find another link, please comment so everyone can enjoy the latest OS. RIM promised us an OS 5 rollback before 2010 so I’m sure we’ll be seeing these official soon. Until then, be careful with a leaked OS.

Download OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000.

Download OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8900.

Download OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8520.

[Hat tips BBOS, BBleaks, Bla1ze]

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New elecite BlackBerry theme stasis available for Storm, Bold and Curve



These elecite themes are getting better and better. The latest is called Stasis and it’s available for both the Storm and Storm2. All you have to do is make sure to download the 5.0 version of the theme.

This theme comes with 6 customizable icons, open and close hatch buttons and is full of animations. Even though it looks cluttered, the theme is very easy to navigate.

Like all elecite themes, Stasis is $6.99, and it’s available for the 8900, 9600, 9000, 9700, 85xx and 8350i.

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BlackBerry Bold 9700 versus Bold 9000 in pictures



The BlackBerry Bold 9700 is basically a Bold 9000, with updated specs and in a Curve 8900 form factor. It’s for this reason that the devices are probably best compared in pictures that speak for themselves.
Click through for some comparison pics of the Bold 9700 versus the Bold 9000