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Rumor: BlackBerry 9700 Hardware Relaunched as 9700a for OS 6


About a week ago we told users on our Facebook page about a rumor that the 9700 won’t be getting an OS 6 upgrade, and that RIM will be launching an updated device with more memory. A UAProf document exists on RIM’s servers confirming this new device, and there is a rumor about the device having 512MB of RAM, which is the same as the 9650 and the amount of RAM we’re predicting will be required for an OS 6 upgrade. Of course, with OS 6 comes the new WebKit browser and rumor has it that the 9700a will also have a 5MP camera.

While OS 6 does look cool, it’s a shame to think that the 9700, Storm2 and everything pre-9650 won’t be getting the upgrade. Looks like these devices will be stuck trying to imitate OS 6 with a theme.

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Official OS for the Bold 9700 from T-Mobile


There have been a lot of leaked OS updates lately but it’s always best to grab the official OS updates as they’ve been through carrier quality assurance. T-Mobile have released OS for the Bold 9700, which tends to get the lion’s share of the OS updates these days. If you haven’t updated your device, now seems like a good time to do so.

Download the official OS from T-Mobile.

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Official BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS


TurkCell has officially launched OS for the Bold 9700. This is a TurkCell build so make sure to delete the vendor.xml file if you have a different carrier. Reports so far are positive and it seems this OS build has some positive impacts on battery life. Users are saying this build is a step up from the leaked version.

Download OS from TurkCell.

Read this BlackBerryCool guide on updating your OS.

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Howcast BlackBerry App Now Available for 9700 and Storm2


Howcast have a BlackBerry app that’s now available in App World for free. The app shows you tutorial videos on everything from How to Pick a Lock to How to Jump Start a Car.

The Howcast app for BlackBerry features:

  • Watch the best how-to videos on the web, straight from your phone
  • Search for a specific how-to video on just about anything
  • Check out our Featured and Most Recent how-to videos
  • Save a video to your list of Favorites so you can watch it at any time
  • Recall videos that you have previously watched using the History feature
  • Share any video with a friend by email

According to the Howcast blog, the app is currently only available for the Bold 9700 and Storm2 9550 with a minimum of OS 5.0.0. Support for more devices is on the way.

Download Howcast for BlackBerry from App World.

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Rogers Red BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and White Bold 9700 Dummy Units Pictured


A red BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and a white Bold 9700 are surely coming to Rogers as the dummy units have been pictured and posted online by @Treatz. The 9100 has been seen with SureType, T9 and we suspect a fully QWERTY is coming too. These devices are expected to retail for $449.99 sans contract. White sure does look nice doesn’t it?
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Rogers Now Offering OTA OS Upgrades for the Bold 9700


As of today, Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9700 users will be able to upgrade their OS Over-the-Air (OTA). Users can now upgrade to the official OS OTA, and future versions will be available to download in this fashion as well. Another huge benefit to this announcement is that data used during the update won’t be charged to customers’ data bucket. Updates can also be done over WiFi as well as via BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
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