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BlackBerry OS 5 Leaks Roundup: 8520, 9000, 9630, 9700 and 9550


2009 OS 5 Download Rates as per Ebscer

In the last week there has been a staggering amount of OS 5 leaks. There are leaks across the board so there’s a good chance your device got some love but you missed the post. Scroll down to see if you’ve won the leak lottery.

Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Tour 9630
Download Of The Leaked OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9700
Download OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8520
Download OS for the Bold 9000
Download OS for the Curve 8900
Download OS for the BlackBerry Storm2 9550
Download The Leaked OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9700

Big thanks to everyone in the blogosphere and community for finding these links. CrackBerry, BBOS, BerryReview and TBZ.

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Leaked OS 5 Roundup: Curve 8520, 8900, Tour 9630, Bold 9000 and 9700


Today was a pretty wild day for leaks. We have updated OS 5 leaks for the Curve 8520, Tour 9630, Bold 9000, Curve 8900 and Bold 9700. It’s not every day that so many OS leaks drop at once but I guess when it rains it pours.

Download OS OS for the Curve 8520.

Download OS OS for the Tour 9630.

Download OS for the Bold 9700 or from the mirror link.

Download OS for the Curve 8900 and Bold 9000.

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[Links courtesy of Bla1ze and TBZ]

Comparing Smartphone Keyboards Highlights Bold Advantages and Storm2 Disadvantages


Paul Ockenden of PC Pro put together a test comparing smartphone keyboards. The test was pretty basic, and while we can argue about the accuracy of the results, I think BlackBerry users can agree on the conclusions. The test involved typing the first couple of verses to Lou Reed’s “Pale Blue Eyes”, a telephone number, a web URL and a username/password. In each case, the operation was timed and accuracy noted. The results of the tests are shown in the above table.

Each phone was in its default mode, as it would be out of the box. One error is logged for each wrong word in the main text and for each wrong character in the phone number, web address, username and password. In each test, Paul tried to not look at the screen, and type as fast as he could, allowing the phone to correct any errors. Overall, the goal isn’t to type the fastest, but to get an idea for the speed to error ratio.
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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700


Want something to do this weekend? How about upgrading your Bold 9700 to OS A leaked version has been popping up in the forums, and I think CB (more mirror links in the thread) had it first.

Download OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700.
How to upgrade your OS.

Reports of the OS so far are really good. We’re hearing comments like:

  • They have fixed the caller ID issue.
  • No lock icon unless you have a password.
  • Noticed the lock function is different, no more lock icon on the bottom right and when you press it it fades out the screen.
  • No East Asian character support.
  • Internet seems a lot faster.

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Limited Edition Canada Men’s Hockey BlackBerry Bold 9700


MobileSyrup got the scoop on a Limited Edition Bold 9700 that is getting takedown notices all over. My guess is because the posts mention a certain quadrennial event that is known for being outrageously litigious with their brand. Let me just say that this Limited Edition Bold 9700 that celebrates the amazing game of hockey played February 28, 2010, is a sweet BlackBerry that I would box a kangaroo for. If any Future Shop employees want to take me up on that send me an email.

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BBC iPlayer Available for Bold 9700 and Storm2 Over WiFi Via Mobile Site


There are a ton of conditions in that title, isn’t there? The BBC iPlayer is now available as a mobile site that you can only access over WiFi, with from what I’ve read only the 9700 and the Storm2. While trying to access the site over 3G on Rogers, I got an error saying that the content is only available over 3G in the UK on 3’s network. By using WiFi, this seems to solve the problem and I can watch full videos and small clips from the site. Personally, I think it’s too bad that the player didn’t come as a BlackBerry app, as we all know the browser is relatively slow.

Check out the BBC iPlayer for the 9700 and Storm2 from bbc.co.uk/mobile/bbapps/.

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