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BlackBerry Torch Slider 9800 Announced on August 3rd?


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It looks like the BlackBerry Torch Slider 9800 will be announced on August 3rd due to an invite that’s going around to all the tech and BlackBerry related media. The invite prominently features an AT&T logo, BlackBerry 6 icons and a giant ‘6’ in the background. We’ve heard rumors that the device is going to launch in August, and when the 9700 launched, BlackBerryCool was at an event in New York of an almost identical nature.

We’re really hoping this is going to be the launch of the device and we’ll have some incredible content for you. Rest assured we’ll show you the inside and out of this device so you get a full picture of what BlackBerry 6 and the touch slider is all about.

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Rumor: BlackBerry Torch Slider 9800 Coming to Vodafone



The BlackBerry Torch Slider is potentially coming to Vodafone in the September/October timeframe. We have heard that 9800 will be coming to Rogers, Sprint and AT&T as well. Release dates aren’t confirmed yet but the Torch Slider is probably going to touch down on AT&T first, with a rumored launch date of August 15th.

The Torch Slider is going to be the first device to have BlackBerry 6 and the new Webkit browser. The latest OS is going to address a lot of the user frustrations with navigation and the Webkit browser will make BlackBerry’s web browser on par with the rest of the market.

Awesome Video of BlackBerry 6 Setup On a 9800 Torch Slider


The setup process for a BlackBerry is generally boring slow. On the other hand, the setup process for a BlackBerry running 6 looks really fun and smooth. The intro video is very impressive and walks you through the basic features of BlackBerry 6. The video starts off by showing you how to move the menu and use the basic touchscreen features. No longer do you have to relearn how to type an ‘@’ symbol, and instead the video shows you some fun functionality. Thanks RIM!

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Video: BlackBerry 9800 Torch Slider, 9670 Clamshell Oxford and Curve 9300 Kepler


Videos and walkthroughs of the latest upcoming devices from RIM have hit the internet and there are a ton of tidbits worth watching for. Tabbed browsing in OS 5.2, new native apps for the devices and a look at a huge flash memory increase are all cool features worth checking out.

Click through for more info about these devices. The main talking points have been taken from the videos because they’ll likely be taken down soon.
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More Pictures of the AT&T BlackBerry Bold Slider 9800


The BlackBerry Torch aka the BlackBerry Slider 9800 looks progressively better each time it’s pictured online. The latest pictures show just about every nook and cranny of the device and it looks great. The device will probably launch this summer on AT&T and users who pick one up will get a first taste of BlackBerry OS 6. More pictures after the jump.
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Poll: What Unreleased BlackBerry Would You Buy in 2010?


There are rumors that we’ll be seeing at least six more BlackBerry devices with OS 6 before 2011. Among these devices are some interesting form factors including a touch slider, clamshell and possibly a touchscreen Bold/Curve. There are pictures of many of these devices which confirm that they are at least being worked on but doesn’t prove they will make it to market. We’ve heard the touchscreen Bold was scrapped, but it could be brought to market if the carriers see potential for it.

When the iPhone 4 was leaked, Apple complained that it negatively impacted sales of the iPhone 3GS. Everyone who was going to buy an iPhone decided to wait until the new iPhone 4 launched. The same could be true of BlackBerry leaks. Many users are going to wait before buying a new BlackBerry until one of the rumored devices launches. Are you one of these users? What device are you waiting on?

Click through for more information about each device.
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