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RIM Official Statement About NFC Blocking By Carriers On BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930


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What Do You Think of the Latest BlackBerry 7 Devices?


blackberry torch devices

RIM announced the latest BlackBerry 7 devices and it looks like they’re showing off a new Bold and 2 iterations of the Torch. The latest devices feature the following core benefits:

  • Faster browsing
  • Proprietary Liquid Graphics technology for seamless touch screen navigation
  • Voice activated universal search
  • New augmented reality experiences that can be seamlessly integrated with BBM 6
  • A comprehensive list of pre-installed apps, including: BBM™ 6, BlackBerry® App World™, BlackBerry® Balance, BlackBerry® Protect, and more

The first thing that struck us when we saw the list was a lack of mention of the Touch Curve, but that may be coming later. It’s also a little strange that the full touch device with a trackpad, the Torch 9850, got the same branding as the slider keyboard. You would think that they should be separate so that when someone says “did you get the new Torch?” you actually know what device they mean. Consumers hate model numbers but RIM can’t let go of them for some reason.

Here is the lineup of devices:
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RIM Announces the Bold 9900 and 9930 Smartphones


blackberry bold touch

RIM has announced the Bold 9900 and the 9930 here at BlackBerry World 2011 and they’re going to be killer devices. Combining a touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard, and being the thinnest devices yet, these BlackBerrys are a great new addition to the team (we’ll know for sure post-review).

In terms of impressive specs, the Bolds are built on a new performance-driven platform featuring a 1.2 GHz processor, Liquid Graphics touch screen, and support for high speed 4G/HSPA+ wide area wireless networks. These smartphones also feature NFC, APIs for augmented reality and 720p HD video recording and playback. Expect these devices to launch early this summer.
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Tutorial Videos for Touch Monaco and Bold Show Basic Features


BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 Making Call

It’s cool to see these tutorial videos because it confirms the hardware and tells us we’re that much closer to a launch date. We’re expecting these devices to get announced at BlackBerry World, because they’ll probably go on sale some time in the summer before the Developer Conference.

If both the Bold Touch and the Monaco hit the market at around the same time, which would you buy?

Also, we should have interviewed Lisa Perry for April Fool’s Day as she appears in every single official BlackBerry video and screenshot.
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