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The BlackBerry solution arrives in Ghana – implications for poverty?



The above is a Zain network coverage map of Ghana. As you can see, major roads are the focus of coverage and BlackBerry devices will be a welcomed addition to the country’s infrastructure.

In a partnership with Zain and EMS, RIM have announced the availability of BlackBerry in Ghana, one of the most stable countries on the African continent.

The carrier Zain has a 3G network, which means that customers and government clients will be able to have access to enterprise-grade smartphones. The first devices to hit the market include the BlackBerry Storm, the Curve 8900, Bold 9000 and the Pearl Flip 8220.

The partnership brings together three crucial companies for helping to further expand the country’s infrastructure and better channel resources to the eradication of extreme poverty. Increasing productivity and transparency are two key elements of improving governmental and corporate affairs, and it’s the hope of BlackBerry Cool that RIM will be a significant player in this regard.

Imagine the following scenarios:

  • BES infrastructure is implemented in all major organizations to ensure communication is instant and efficient.
  • Government workers are able to send communications from the field directly to the departments responsible.
  • Small businesses are able to better serve their clients and be constantly available, regardless of whether or not they are in office.
  • Logistics for delivering food, materials and aid are all greatly improved by the BlackBerry solution.

This is surely going to have a positive impact on the economy.


Threaded SMS with BlackBerry Bold and Curve 8900 OS leaks



Native threaded SMS is just around the corner for BlackBerry users and now you can get an advanced preview if you’re using a BlackBerry Curve 8900 or Bold 9000.

The latest OS leak, OS, delivers native threaded SMS for BlackBerry. While you won’t get the tabbed browsing as seen in previous OS 5 leaks, the native SMS client is reason enough to download. But remember, as with all OS leaks, proceed with caution! Always back up your device first because you may lose data.

Download OS for your BlackBerry Bold 9000.

Download OS for your BlackBerry Curve 8900.



Remember to upgrade your AT&T BlackBerry Bold OS today



If you haven’t already updated your BlackBerry Bold to OS, you’re missing out! With the latest OS update, you get a number of enhancements including:

  • General handset optimizations.
  • The ability for the user to manually select whether they want their smartphone to connect to either 2G and 3G networks, depending on availability, or to connect to only to 2G networks.
  • A download icon for AT&T’s Visual Voicemail service, plus a variety of additional icons for applications including MobiTV, Mobile Banking, Tetris and Scrabble.

To update your Bold OS, go to Options > Advanced Options > Wireless Update or visit the official AT&T download page and update your OS with the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.



BlackBerry Bold OS from AT&T to get Visual Voicemail



Rumor has it that the upgraded BlackBerry Bold OS for AT&T subscribers will come with Visual Voicemail tomorrow, Tuesday, August 25th.

Check your AT&T Bold to see if your OS has the Visual Voicemail icon, and if so, give customer service a call and have them add the free Visual Voicemail feature to your account.

With Visual Voicemail for BlackBerry, you will get:

  • Store up to 40 voicemails for up to 14 days
  • Archive voicemails to device memory or on a microSD card
  • Forward voicemails as an MMS to other users or an email address
  • Save phone numbers in your Visual Voicemail inbox to your address book
  • Setup your voicemail including greeting right from the application itself

Voicemail is the bane of many BlackBerry users’ existence as it is the slowest possible way to check a message. With email and SMS, you have to wonder why people still insist on leaving voicemails. At least visual voicemail makes the process a little faster.



Free LBS app Aloqa now available for the Bold and Curve 8900


Aloqa, is a location based service that integrates content from 15 publishers including Yelp, Eventful and Craigslist. The beta, originally available for Android, is now available for for the BlackBerry Curve 8900 and the Bold 9000.

The app helps BlackBerry users in that it takes away the need to find information via the browser and it proactively pushes out recommendations about social network friends nearby and interesting local opportunities to users on the go. These are all qualities of a good LBS app.

Their are also some bright minds behind this app. The company is headed by CEO Sanjeev Agrawal, former Global Head of Google Product Marketing and subsequently VP Products at TellMe Networks (acquired by Microsoft).

Download Aloqa for free by visiting their site and filling out the form.


Conquest theme for the BlackBerry Tour, Bold, Curve and more


conquest theme

Conquest is a theme for the Tour, Bold, Curve, 8800 and 8700 model BlackBerry devices. It was originally designed for the Storm, and it has been ported over for trackball devices. Currently, the theme is on sale and will continue to be 50% off through Friday, August 21st.

The Conquest theme features:

  • An edgy, progressive design.
  • Original visuals, icons, and buttons.
  • Hidden homepage menu that fades in and out.
  • Vivid colors
  • Hotspots for Application Menu, Clock Profiles, and Messages (Storm only)

Purchase the Conquest theme on sale for $2.48 (regularly $4.95).
Click through for video of the theme in action