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Skyfire Explain Their Departure from BlackBerry Development


Skyfire have recently come out with a really outspoken and honest blog post regarding their development for BlackBerry. As most know, Skyfire have been developing a 3rd party browser for BlackBerry that will render all manner of media and compete with/complement the native browser. The browser works by rendering all the pages on their server, and then sending your device a picture of what you’re browsing. This circumvents the need to render it on the device.

BlackBerry users have been waiting for some time now, and it seems they’ll have to wait even longer. This is Skyfire’s explanation for skipping BlackBerry for now, and focusing on Android:

  • We see Android as a fast-rising ecosystem, with a rich, totally open developer environment, a healthy app market and a healthy advertising and search ecosystem. The Android OS has a tremendous amount of interest from handset makers and carriers, and also has a strong need for making the explosion of video more network optimized (Skyfire’s wheelhouse).

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Opera Put the Final Touches on Opera Mini 5 for BlackBerry


Today Opera have released the final version of Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10. The focus of this release is on delivering a unified look and feel, as well as improving on features such as Speed Dial, password manager and tabbed browsing. When we last wrote about Opera Mini, users were reporting that the build wasn’t ready for the 9700 and there were still a couple bugs on the Storm. When you download the latest version, let us know how it’s running on your device.

To try it for yourself, go to m.opera.com to download it to your BlackBerry.

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RIM Demo the Upcoming WebKit BlackBerry Browser


RIM have put up video demoing the WebKit browser that we’re expecting later this year and it looks really awesome so far. Mike Lazaridis was showing it off at MWC and it handles pages very smoothly. AJAX and JavaScripts run nicely in the browser and it scores a 100/100 on the ACID3 compliance test. The upcoming browser will support HTML 5, CSS3, DOM L3, Widgets and JIL Widgets. I can’t wait until this browser gets leaked so we can try it out for ourselves.

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Bolt Browser Udpated to Version 1.62 With Speed Improvements



Bitstream have updated the Bolt browser and it’s now at version 1.62. The latest build is a little faster than before but there isn’t anything major to report. With RIM’s updated browser on the way, you have to wonder how companies like Bolt and Opera are going to survive in the BlackBerry space. While they have a competitive advantage being the first to market, they’ll always be lacking in that they will probably never get the deep integration needed for a good browser.

Try the new Bolt browser by grabbing it OTA at boltbrowser.com/beta/boltbb.jad.

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BOLT Browser updated to version 1.6


bolt on blackberrycool

The popular third party browser BOLT has been updated to version 1.6 with some new features and enhancements to increase page loading speeds.

BOLT version 1.6 includes full socket-based connectivity which is said to increase the page rendering speed of BOLT by as much as 15 percent. The latest version also includes a new password manager, allowing usernames and passwords to be saved by the browser for easier and faster logins. Other features include:

  • Streams videos from popular video services such as YouTube.
  • Copy and paste text.
  • Uploads video and photo files directly to websites from browser.
  • Only major WebKit based cloud computing browser.
  • BOLT is available for free download at http://boltbrowser.com.

    Something on everyone’s mind as the latest BOLT version is released, is what will happen to the third party browser market once RIM releases their updated WebKit browser? Will companies like Bitstream stay far enough ahead to remain relevant?

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    Job posting confirms WebKit browser for BlackBerry in development



    When we first saw the news that RIM purchased Torch Mobile, and they would have access to the Webkit open source code, it was somewhat officially confirmed that a WebKit browser was in development.

    Well now we have more proof that this browser is in development as RIM has posted a job on LinkedIn, looking for someone with “expert knowledge in C++ programming.” According to the post, “the successful candidate will be working in a fast-paced, dynamic development environment to develop a WebKit-based browser for the BlackBerry Platform.”

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