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RIM prepping BlackBerry support for Nokia devices


Back in July we reported that Nokia was keeping RIM’s lagging BlackBerry Connect service off future Nokia devices. Word had now come from Nokia’s Tom Furlong, head of Nokia Messaging, that RIM is taking matters into its own hands.

However, Furlong also left us with this little statement, ‘We are in the interim period of time when we have dropped support ourselves, and Blackberry is readying support for their service on Nokia devices‘, meaning that enterprise S60 lovers will (hopefully) soon be able to enjoy BlackBerry services on their Eseries (and hopefully others) once again.

While we don’t have any way yet of confirming this, it’s safe to assume that what Furlong is talking about RIM’s forthcoming BlackBerry Application Suite, which will surely drive the last nail in BB Connect’s coffin.

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BlackBerry Application Suite appears on HTC Touch Pro?


Now isn’t this something interesting. Our boy Ronen over at BerryReview has snagged screenshots of a Windows Mobile HTC Touch Pro running a virtual BlackBerry OS. Apparently, RIM is calling this OS virtualization application the BlackBerry Application Suite, which contains BlackBerry OS 4.2 functionality with a OS 4.6 styling.

The BlackBerry Application suite is an obvious replacement to the oft-forgotten BlackBerry Connect service, but here’s the important question: how much more readily would you buy a non-BlackBerry device if it could run the BlackBerry OS?

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BlackBerry Connect coming to India


BlackBerry Connect on BPL Mobile

Indian carrier BPL is now offering BlackBerry Connect on a wide variety of handsets, including the Moto Q9h and the Nokia Communicator. BlackBerry Connect brings all of the back-end goodness like push email, data security and personal information syncing of BlackBerry to other platforms like Symbian and Windows Mobile. Clearly BlackBerry services are picking up at a decent clip again since that security mess awhile back, and I think we’re all pretty glad to see it.

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BlackBerry Connect for Motorola Q9h updated


Motorola Q9h

BlackBerry Connect is still kicking, doing its best to bring BlackBerry services like push e-mail and PIM synchronization to other devices. Although its future with Nokia looks grim, Windows Mobile just an updated version for the Motorola Q9h. Any Moto Q users in the house can grab the new software from the IM & Chat folder if they’re running Windows Mobile 6.1, or go to www.motorola.com/us/Q9h/BlackBerryConnect on their mobile browser if running WinMo 6.0. Find more info on the latest BlackBerry Connect software over here.

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Nokia to keep BlackBerry Connect off new handsets


Nokia E71While those of us packing proper BlackBerrys might not give two sniffs what BlackBerry Connect is up to, a recent move to keep the service off of upcoming Nokia E71 and E66 models could say a thing or two about Nokia and RIM’s current relationship. “Our approach is to make email a mass-market proposition for everybody, not just for the corporate boardroom group of individuals where BlackBerry has established itself,” said Nokia’s UK Managing Director Simon Ainslie. This could very well become a growing issue and threat to BlackBerry Connect’s viability as RIM becomes a concern for other manufacturers. Despite this potentially souring relationship between RIM and Nokia, it does go to show that the big dogs are getting just a little nervous about what BlackBerry’s up to.

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Australia gets BlackBerry Connect for Moto Q9h


BlackBerry Connect for Motorola Q9hIf there are any Windows Mobile lovers out there outside of that one cricket in the corner, you’ll be happy to hear that BlackBerry Connect will be supporting the Motorola Q9h in Asia-Pacific. The Windows Mobile 6 device has enjoyed BlackBerry services abroad since December, but clearly there were some localization issues to iron out. With BlackBerry Connect, WinMo users can get their push e-mail fix, and access a lot of the standard BlackBerry features – it even plugs into the BES and has all the usual IT policies and security standards in place. Interested? Head on over to the Motorola BlackBerry Connect site for your download.