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Viigo launches NCAA Basketball service for BlackBerry Cool To Go


Viigo is quickly becoming one of the easiest ways for BlackBerry users to stay up to date on all their sporting news. Following their recent NBA basketball announcement, Viigo has launched its NCAA basketball service, just in time for the start of the Men’s college season. While I don’t normally get NCAA crazy until March Madness begins (there’s just too many NBA games to watch), I must admit the NCAA has already captured my attention (how did Rhode Island almost beat Duke?). I’m also quite interested to see how Stephen Curry, who made a big slash at the tourney last year, progresses as a point guard. Whatever your interest, Viigo’s NCAA service provides access to the scores, schedules, news and commentary you need to follow your alma mater.

For current Viigo/BlackBerry Cool to Go users looking to add the NCAA basketball service, simply select “Sports” from the Viigo home screen and then “Add Sport” from the following page. If you don’t have the BlackBerry Cool To Go version of Viigo yet, click the link below to download it for free! Make sure to also check out Viigo’s NFL, NHL, NCAA Football and Soccer services as well!

Download BlackBerry Cool To Go from Viigo

Viigo adds e-books via DailyLit


In the most recent edition of our Nan the Power User editorial series, Nan demonstrated how using Viigo could help reduce your email clutter. Our friend from the South is currently on his honeymoon, but if he was available, I’m sure he’d be spreading the word that Viigo can now help reduce your book clutter through its new e-book service, powered by DailyLit.

The best part about Viigo’s new ebook service is that it contains 25 free books that you can read right now! And we’re not talking about Dan Brown pap here, but classic literature like Moby Dick and Don Quixote.

If you’re interested in brushing up on your classics without having to lug around dusty tomes, you can subscribe to Viigo’s e-book service by downloading BlackBerry Cool To Go. You can read instructions on how to subscribe after the jump.

Viigo’s e-book service

Viigo Invite A Friend Contest – use the election to your advantage!


viigo ipod contestOur friends over at Viigo have informed us of a pretty sweet contest they’re running every month that could net you an iPod touch and a $200 iTunes gift certificate. All you have to do to enter is invite a friend to download the BlackBerry Cool To Go version of Viigo Project Tango. The more people you invite the better chance you have to win!

We hope that most of you are reading this right now while waiting in line to vote, and we’ve devised a method to help increase your odds of winning. While waiting to vote, simply look for people using their BlackBerry (like you) to pass the time. Approach them and let them know how great BlackBerry Cool To Go is and send them an invite. You could easily turn an hour-long wait in line into some sweet prizes from Viigo!

You can see the full contest details after the jump. Good luck!

Viigo Invite a Friend Contest details

Viigo unleashes NBA service


Chris Bosh

Here’s something you may not know about me: I am a HUGE NBA fan. I cheer CB4, Jose Ole and the Hump through the best of times and the worst. I will never forgive He Who Shall Not Be Named. I bleed Raptors red.

So it was a great thing to learn today that Viigo has launched a new NBA service just in time for the start of the 08-09 season (the Raptors start their season off against the 76ers tomorrow night, in case you were wondering). Typical of Viigo, the NBA service is tricked out way beyond simple NBA news feeds, offering a variety of features perfect for ballheads like myself. For example, while viewing the upcoming NBA schedule, you can add specific games of interest (Raps vs. Lakers on Nov. 30th, for example) to your Calendar to make sure you don’t miss them. Another great one is the Scores feature, which allows you to view the latest scores from around the Association while they’re being played.

You can see a bunch of screen captures of the new NBA service for Viigo. To add them, follow this path in your Viigo client: Sports –> Add Sports –> Basketball.

NBA on Viigo Screenshots

BlackBerry Cool to Go/Viigo keeps growing, adds over 1,000 channels


Viigo Content LibraryWe’ve mentioned Virtual Reach’s Viigo app quite a bit here at the ‘Cool, mostly for two reasons: they keep adding new content, and our readership keeps lapping it up. So that’s why we’re pleased to exclusively announce today that Virtual Reach has added over 1,000 new channels to their application for everyone who loves to get news from their BlackBerry. The channels include a myriad of topics, ranging from Blogs and International interests, to Entertainment and Lifestyle content.

What’s the best way to get Viigo and try out all these new channels, you ask? Well how about downloading BlackBerry Cool to Go, the specially designed Viigo app catered to you, the BlackBerry Cool reader. To download the free app, click on the banner in the right-hand corner of your browser, or head to:


Check out Viigo’s new channel listing after the jump