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Welcome to the new BlackBerry Cool!!


BlackBerry Cool mobile

Mmm, can you smell that? It’s my most favorite smell in the world: new car smell. After running up the mileage way past warranty on the old BBCool, it was time to start fresh. While upon first glance the changes may seem entirely aesthetic, the new BlackBerry Cool is much more than a fresh coat of paint. We’ve completely overhauled the site from the ground up to make way for more improvements/cool features to appear in the coming weeks and months.

So please, do us a favor and kick the tires a bit; we’re sure to have missed some things along the way. If you notice any bugz/glitches/browser weirdness, please ping us using our contact form with the heading ‘NEW BBCOOL’. You can also post a comment and let us know what you think – please keep all criticism constructive.

Big shout out to the entire BBCool/Smoke Labs team for making this happen so fast!


BBDC finished – flying back to Ottawa Canada



The BlackBerry Developer Conference is finished and Doug is in transit on his way back to cold Canada. He’s going to get a rude welcoming because ever since he left it has been bone chilling cold. I’m really hoping we move our office to Santa Clara.

Stay tuned on BlackBerry Cool because Doug will have lots to say about the BBDC. We’ll have Podcasts and posts galore!

The BlackBerry Cool 15 was a huge success!


BlackBerry Cool 15

We ended up having 13 developers present last night at the first annual BlackBerry Cool 15, but it turned out to be the lucky number. The drinks were flowing, the room was full, the applications were great and everybody seemed to have a good time. Before I get to thanking everyone who made this possible, I’ve got some announcements to make.

During the BBDC Keynote Today, Rick Segal of the BlackBerry Partners Fund announced that they had added a third Category to the BlackBerry Developer Challenge: The People’s Choice Award. The BlackBerry Partners Fund chose the People’s Choice winner based upon the winner of the BlackBerry Cool 15, Nobex’s Radio Companion for BlackBerry. I’m thrilled that we played a (small) part in helping Nobex receive a $150,000 debenture. Congrats, Nobex, you earned it!

Rick Segal also made on-the-spot offers to two other BlackBerry Cool 15 developers, BeamBerry and SmrtGuard. Way to go!

If you didn’t present at the BlackBerry Cool 15 this year, make sure you sign up next year, or you’ll be missing out on some serious cash.

BlackBerry Cool 15 Thank yous

Come to The BlackBerry Cool 15 tonight!


the BlackBerry Cool 15

WHERE: Session rooms California 7-9 (across from the Mobility Pavilion)
WHEN: 8pm-9:30pm (after the Welcome Reception)

It’s almost time for the BlackBerry Cool 15! We have a have a full list of developers ready to present their innovation applications and ideas to a packed audience and distinguished panel. Here’s a list of the presenters:

Evgeny Lebanidze, BeamBerry
James Shannon, DevelopIQ
Fred Potter, BerryStore
Kyle Kemper, Vayyoo
Amit Kumar, Ubiquitous Systems (Social Scope)
Robert Kao, SmrtGuard (PeeKaWho)
Arun Nagarajan, Pyxis MObile (SmartFlicks)
David McCormack, ExSafe
Jason Mace, Energy Corporation Of America
Beth Marcus, Zeemote
Michael Russo, Polar Mobile
Ron Espinosa, Azure (Zala)
Jamie Julius, Nobex Technologies

(if I’m missing anyone please remind me!)

We also have Rick Segal and various members of the BlackBerry Partners Fund attending eager to hand out offer sheets to the right developer.

We’re also GIVING AWAY TWO BLACKBERRY STORMS! One to the winner of the BlackBerry Cool 15 and one to a lucky audience member. So make sure to attend! The BlackBerry Cool 15 starts promptly at 8pm, and there’s only enough room for 150 people!

BlackBerry Cool 15: Win a BlackBerry Storm (or two)!


BlackBerry Storms at the BlackBerry Cool 15

We’re now a weekend away from the BlackBerry Developer Conference, and I couldn’t be more excited. Mike Lazaridis keynote, hands on with the BlackBerry Storm, and the BlackBerry Cool 15. Oh wait, that reminds me, we’ve been talking about the BlackBerry Cool 15 all week, and we haven’t mentioned what the prizes are. Developers take note:

RICK SEGAL OF THE BLACKBERRY PARTNERS FUND will be participating as a judge and taking a keen interest in the applications presented. He will have offer sheets in hands and he is looking to spend, spend, spend.

WE’RE GIVING AWAY TWO BLACKBERRY STORMS! That’s right, not one, but two BlackBerry Storms will be given away at the BlackBerry Cool 15! While one will obviously be going to the developer with the best application, we haven’t decided what to do with the other one yet. Maybe give it to a lucky member of the audience? We’ll see…

You now have NO REASON to miss the BlackBerry Cool 15. Meet us at the Marriott Hotel in session rooms California 7-9 at 8pm on Monday, October 20th (right after the welcome reception). We’ll see you there!

Register for the BlackBerry Cool 15
More information about the BlackBerry Cool 15

A special thanks must go out to Rick Segal, Mike Kirkup and everyone at RIM/BlackBerry Partners Fund that has turned this wishful thinking into a reality.

BlackBerry Cool 15 Update: More Judges, Developers and Prizes!


BlackBerry Cool 15

We’re less than a week away from the BlackBerry Developer Conference, which means that we’re less than a week away from THE BLACKBERRY COOL 15! Since our initial post about our first developer focused event, a lot of excitement has been floating into our inbox. We have some updates for you, so we thought now would be a good time to fuel the fire:

    First off, we’ve confirmed the time and place. The BlackBerry Cool 15 will take place on Monday, October 20th, from 8pm-9pm, in breakout rooms California 7-9 of the Santa Clara Marriott. This is right after the welcome reception on the Mobility Pavilion, and we’ll be making sure to carry on the relaxed atmosphere with adult beverages and snacks.

    We also have two new judges to introduce: Blogger Troy D. Brown of BlackBerryNews.com and Rick Segal of the BlackBerry Partners Fund! We’re particularly excited to have Rick joining us, as he is eager to break open the vault and cough up some term sheet love for the BlackBerry Nation. Cha-ching!

    We’ve also had a lot of interest from developers who would like to demo software that doesn’t quite meet our pre-1.0 release state. We’ve thus decided to open up the BlackBerry Cool 15 to software that is still in ‘back of napkin’ state or went 1.0 as recently as September 1st. Bring your PowerPoint presentation, your napkin scribblings, a working build or a healthy dose of charisma — if you want to participate, we want you there!

    Now for the fun stuff — the prizes. While we can’t make any announcements yet (sorry), in talking with Rick Segal today, it was decided that the prize had to be something “different”. Stay tuned!!

Register for the BlackBerry Cool 15
More information about the BlackBerry Cool 15