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Evernote now available for BlackBerry Curve 83xx – still free


When we last wrote about Evernote, some readers were upset that the app was not available for the Curve. As one reader Nick wrote: “I can’t imagine why the number one selling phone, isn’t listed as a device that this is compatible with?”

Well the company was listening and Evernote is now available for the BlackBerry Curve 83xx series.

For those who don’t know, Evernote allows you to type out text notes, snap photos, or record voice memos on your BlackBerry then sync them to your Windows or Mac computer to have easy access on all devices. It works the other way, too. Clip a webpage or draft a blog post on your desktop and then search for and access it all on your phone.

Download the desktop install for Evernote for free for your BlackBerry Curve and Bold.

Download Evernote for your Curve of Bold OTA from s.evernote.com/bbota

Download the desktop install for Evernote for free for your BlackBerry Storm.

Download Evernote for your BlackBerry Storm OTA from s.evernote.com/stormota


Best Buy offers great deals on BlackBerry Storm and Curve


best buy blackberry

Best Buy is offering some great deals on BlackBerry devices with the launch of their Best Buy Mobile stores. Best Buy Mobile will be a store within a store, offering the best mobile products at a discount.

The BlackBerry Storm on Bell will go for only $49.99 on a 36-month plan.

The BlackBerry Curve on Virgin Mobile will go for $49.99 on a 36-month plan. This is a great deal but it’s important to note that it has been free at WirelessWave for the past 2 months. Although it is technically priced at $99.99, they have an in-store promotion to make it free, with a 50 dollar credit on top of that for accessories.

For more great deals on BlackBerry devices, check out the BlackBerryCool hardware store.

Technically priced at 99.99 but they have
an in store promotion to make it free, with a 50 dollar credit on top of that for accessories.



Free Tetris-like game for BlackBerry Storm, Curve and Bold


RHex is a Tetris-like game where the object is to explode falling hexagons by connecting four or more in a row. Stack falling hexagons by rotating the central hex. The above YouTube video demonstrates the gameplay. It’s the standard falling puzzle game type that has become so popular on mobile.

It’s free so what do you have to lose?

Download RHex v1.0.3 for the Blackberry Storm (Installation by Blackberry Desktop Manager).

Download RHex v1.0.3 for the Blackberry Curve and Bold (Installation by Blackberry Desktop Manager).



Free Fallout 3 PipBoy BlackBerry theme for the Curve 83xx


PipBoy BlackBerry theme

This could be one of the most unique BlackBerry themes I’ve seen so far. The user defined homescreen including PipBoy from the Fallout series is both awesome looking and free!

Donate to the developer of this great theme and help the community

Download the Blue Fallout 3 PipBoy theme with this OTA Link.

Download the Green Fallout 3 PipBoy theme with this OTA Link



Free Glossy theme for BlackBerry Curve 8300+


blackberry theme

BerryReview posted a free theme found over at the BBForums. The theme looks pretty nice and considering it’s free, is surely worth a try. The theme allows for all of your notifiers and indicators to be displayed neatly at the top. The only drawback is the wallpaper used is very basic. Hope you like it.

Download this free theme for a BlackBerry Curve running OS 4.5.

Download the Today version for a BlackBerry Curve running OS 4.5.

Download this theme for a BlackBerry Curve running OS 4.2+.



Rogers BlackBerry devices get price hike after budget shortfall


blackberry 8300 rogers

Rogers has been experiencing a $30 million budget shortfall and at the same time, Rogers recently enacted a price hike on the three-year contract prices for some of its most popular BlackBerry devices. The price increases saw the Curve 83xx go to $149.99 (up $50), Curve 8900 to $224.99 (up $25) and the Bold go to $299.99 (up $50). The following email from a Rogers exec, details the budget shortcomings:

On Wednesday, the senior executive team realized that they were over budget $30 million dollars on their cost of acquisition. How I don’t know why it took so long. [sic] They then did their knee jerk response. Your DBM’s and other local managers know nothing more than this and are in the dark as much as we are on this other than we were told VERBALLY that in market quotes would be honored for 30 days from today. The exception lists are due Monday and only for non named accounts. I have requested in every region for a positioning statement and to this moment have not heard a response. If it makes you feel any better the retail has even more uncertainty.

Is this a case of budget shortfalls being passed down to the consumer?