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Two carrier themes from JLDesigns – AT&T Berry and VerizonBerry


att_berry blackberry theme

JLDesigns has two themes up: one is called VerizonBerry and is made for the Curve 8900, Bold and Storm. The other is AT&T Berry which is made for the Curve 8900 and Bold.

The themes emulate the default themes you get with the Curve 8310 from AT&T and the Curve 8330 from Verizon. Both themes are available in Bottom Dock, L, and Today variants, which the original themes were not.

Another bonus is that the Storm version of VerizonBerry, is completely compatible with the .151 hybrid software, which many themes are not, and the L variants include a rollover today feature

If you’re looking for a great way to rep your carrier, this is it.

Download AT&T Berry for the Curve 8900 and Bold for $4.98.

Download VerizonBerry for the Curve 8900, Bold and Storm for $4.98.

Free GreenPeace theme for the BlackBerry Curve 8900


free greenpeace

This GreenPeace theme for the Curve 8900 doesn’t seem to have any actualy GreenPeace branding but it definitely shows off the team colors.

Keeping our forests alive is a great cause, but Earth First take it to a level of intensity that makes me sort of scared. If you’re screaming and crying over dead trees, consider a new cause.

Download the GreenPeace theme for the Curve 8900 free, OTA.



Pink loving theme goodness with the Blossom theme for BlackBerry



The guys at Elecite have launched a new theme called Blossom. The theme works on the BlackBerry Curve 8900, Storm and Bold. This theme is great for the pink them loving people out there.

The Premium Blossom theme from Elecite is available for $6.99.


Free Glossy theme for BlackBerry Curve 8300+


blackberry theme

BerryReview posted a free theme found over at the BBForums. The theme looks pretty nice and considering it’s free, is surely worth a try. The theme allows for all of your notifiers and indicators to be displayed neatly at the top. The only drawback is the wallpaper used is very basic. Hope you like it.

Download this free theme for a BlackBerry Curve running OS 4.5.

Download the Today version for a BlackBerry Curve running OS 4.5.

Download this theme for a BlackBerry Curve running OS 4.2+.



All BlackBerry themes and games 20% off at Bplay


Sometimes it pays to keep a close eye on your Twitter friends. I follow BlackBerry entertainment company Blay’s Twitter feed, just to stay in the know about the latest in fun stuff for your BlackBerry. Bplay has just tweeted that they’re offering everything in the Bplay store — BlackBerry themes, BlackBerry games, and BlackBerry realtunes — for 20% off! To get the discount, you must use the coupon code ‘EMAIL20′. To help get you started, here are a few of our favorite recent Bplay offerings:

If you don’t like our suggestions, you can always head to Bplay’s website for some more BlackBerry goodness!


New BlackBerry Theme: Solar Slideshow (with rotating wallpapers!)


BlackBerry themes are great because they allow you to both spice up your BlackBerry and add a personal touch. But unless you have a few themes to rotate through, staring at the same background each day can be just as boring. Bplay has introduced a new theme to cure your BlackBerry ennui: Solar Slideshow.

Solar Slideshow is a BlackBerry theme featuring 9 different background wallpapers for each planet in our solar system (we’ll give Pluto the benefit of the doubt). Each planet will stay in your background for 30 minutes before rotating to the next – consider it an intrastellar voyage for your BlackBerry!

To download Solar Slideshow for you BlackBerry, click the link below. Make sure to say hi to Major Tom for us.

Download Solar Slideshow BlackBerry Theme