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Desktop Manager 7 in Beta Zone But Do We Really Need It?


Recently, RIM released an update to the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, version 7, in the Beta Zone. While not explicitly stated, it seems the most recent update adds support for BlackBerry 10. Since BlackBerry Jam is around the corner, RIM probably needs Desktop Manager support for BlackBerry 10 out there, so devs can plug in their alpha devices. But should Desktop Manager be a part of the BlackBerry Platform? Or should it be phased out? So far, RIM has told us that BlackBerry 10 includes over the air OS updates, along with a host of cloud services. This would suggest that there’s actually no need for Desktop Manager.
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BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Windows Updated with Better Encryption


blackberry desktop manager

RIM has updated BlackBerry Desktop Manager and while there isn’t anything in the update that’s terribly exciting, it does come with better encryption for backup files. Hit the jump and read about the fixed issues in this latest build of Desktop Manager.
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RIM Announces Version 2.0 of BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac


desktop manager for mac

RIM has released version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac and there are a few new features to help you better sync your device with your Mac. The latest update includes features such as:

  • WiFi Music Sync
  • Device Switch Wizard
  • Import and sync photos and videos with iPhoto and iTunes

To download the latest version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac, head over to blackberry.com/mac.

GiveMeYourJad Helps Keep Your BlackBerry Apps Managed on Desktop


GiveMeYourJad is a cool piece of donationware that is meant for BlackBerry users who want to manage their applications on their desktop. The software is easy to use: just put the JAD url in the proper field, click the Go button and the application is downloaded (JAD, COD and JAR files) to your computer. Once downloaded, the software creates an ALX file which allows you to launch Desktop Manager and load the app to your BlackBerry. Other features include:
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BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 Now Available for Download


blackberry desktop manager 6

BlackBerry Desktop Manager has been updated with some decent improvements as well as support for the BlackBerry Torch 9800. While Mac users will still not be able to connect their Torch to their computer, the majority of users are PC so it makes sense to tackle this segment first. The latest Desktop Manager features:

  • An improved UI
  • More Media Sync features such as the ability to import and sync media from one location
  • BlackBerry Torch and Curve 3G support
  • The ability to manage your music collection over your home WiFi network

Download BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 from BlackBerry.com.

BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0 Limited Beta Invites Going Out Today


blackberry desktop manager

RIM is moving at a really great pace lately when it comes to updating their software. The beta program is an excellent idea as it helps users get fast access to software and lets them know that they’re working hard to give users a better overall experience. The latest newcomer to the beta program is the upcoming BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0. The first invitations to join the program are going out, or have gone out today for Beta Zone members. Make sure to register today and hopefully you will get your invite.

Register for the Beta Zone at blackberry.com/beta and click through for more screenshots of Desktop Manager 6.
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