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RIM and Webtrends Announce Free Analytics Software for BlackBerry Developers


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Today at DevCon2010, RIM and Webtrends announced they are working together to deliver free enterprise-class analytics for BlackBerry developers. The BlackBerry Analytics Service, powered by Webtrends, will enable developers easily and swiftly add measurement into their applications. This is great news for developers who will be able to use mobile analytics to optimize their software and craft the best user experience possible. This will lead to developers listening to their users without the user having to do anything at all.

Using Webtrends’ SDK, BlackBerry developers can integrate metrics tracking in their apps and capture relevant events. Trackable events include: app use, frequency of use, features used and screens accessed.

The BlackBerry Analytics Service powered by Webtrends will be available for free in early 2011.

More details available in the press release.

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RIM Announces BlackBerry Enterprise App Middleware to Accelerate Creation of Super Apps


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BlackBerry enterprise application middleware (BEAM) is an app development platform that will enable commercial enterprise and corporate developers to more easily build “super app” enterprise applications and services for BlackBerry. Developers can use their favorite development platforms like IBM WebSphere, Oracle Fusion Middleware and the mobility platform from SAP and Sybase to create their app.

Included is a set of APIs, libraries and server software that will make it simpler for developers to create “super apps”. The APIs can access instant data push and alerts, use file transfers with enterprise apps, make it simple to search for a user’s device through geo-location, current camera image, calendar availability, device type, and more.
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RIM Launches BlackBerry WebWorks: Open Web App Platform for BlackBerry


blackberry webworks at the developer conference

Today, RIM announced their next-generation web app development platform – BlackBerry WebWorks. Webworks enables web developers to construct full-featured apps for BlackBerry in HTML-5, CSS and Javascript. The system takes advantage of advanced features through APIs and services like BlackBerry Java applications do already.

Developers can utilize web development tools and platform services with a comprehensive toolset for developing rich apps that can take advantage of core BlackBerry features such as true multi-tasking, true Push technology and access to the full range of BlackBerry services. The platform will also be able to take advantage of location-based services as well as the newly-announced advertising platform.
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RIM Launches BlackBerry Ad Service to Help Developers Monetize Apps Better



RIM has launched the BlackBerry Advertising Service and its going to help developers integrate advertising in their BlackBerry apps quickly and easily, while also allowing advertisers, agencies and brands to work with a broad selection of advertising networks. The system will launch with worldwide ads at first, followed by national then finely tuned localized ad options.

Read more from the official press release after the jump
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